A drunken car crash left this artist partially paralyzed — and it may have saved his life - Daily Ne

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A drunken car crash left this artist partially paralyzed — and it may have saved his life - Daily Ne
#A, #drunken, #crash, #left, #this, #artist, #partially, #paralyzed, #—, #have, #saved, #life  John Callahan, the darkly humorous cartoonist who is the subject of Gus Van Sant’s movie “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot,” which opens Friday, spent July 22, 1972, on an epic bender that changed his life. The jaunt through Los Angeles took him to a poolside pot party, a succession of bars in the company of an annoying drunk he met at the bash, an over-the-fence sneak-in to Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park and, finally, to a strip club, where Callahan was too drunk to focus on naked girls.  The equally inebriated companion insisted that he was better equipped to drive and got behind the wheel of Callahan’s Volkswagen. Callahan was asleep when the guy mistook a light pole for an exit and drove into it at 90 mph. The driver walked away with barely a scratch.  Callahan, meanwhile, was rushed to Long Beach Memorial Hospital. Just 21 years old and an alcoholic who downed his first drink at the age of 13, he had severed his spinal cord. The doctor told him he was paralyzed. “For how long?” Callahan asked. The doctor replied, “Probably for life.”  In a weird way, the accident proved to be profoundly positive for an underachieving man who had artistic talent but drank too much to capitalize on it. Callahan, born and bred in Oregon, made ends meet as a handyman and could not come to terms with being abandoned by his birth mother. (He was adopted by parents who thought they were infertile but went on to have five biological children.) The man seemed bound for an out-of-it life.  “We would say that the accident saved him,” Tom Callahan, John’s younger brother, told The Post.  “His lifestyle was so self-destructive that if he had not been paralyzed, he would have died [young] from something else.”  Despite being unable to move his arms, Callahan went on to draw provocative, jaggedly spiky cartoons. They were loved by editors and readers of alternative publications, as well as magazines such as Hustler, National Lampoon and Penthouse. Besides a 1989 autobiography, “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot” (on which the movie is based), 11 collections of his taboo-breaking cartoons were published. His work inspired two animated TV series.  The new biopic stars Joaquin Phoenix as Callahan. Jonah Hill co-stars as the man who helped get Callahan off of booze. Van Sant and his cast researched Callahan heavily — Phoenix got so into his role that he made Van Sant and Hill carry him in his wheelchair up to a second-story shooting location — and all came to love the cartoonist’s rebellious edge.  “The guy was out of his mind; he was just so cool,” Hill said at a screening in Manhattan. “He took great joy from being truly subversive.”  After months of rehab, Callahan moved back to Oregon, went through a string of facilities and finally settled in Portland, where he was minded by government-paid caretakers. Many of them were just as screwed up as Callahan. One would leave him alone with a pitcher of booze, containing a straw for easy sipp

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