Zipper Repair & Maintenance

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How to Fix a Zipper On One Side of the Track (Chain) START AT 3:57 for the fix. DIY tutorial on how to fix a zipper when it's on one side of the track or chain. Please Subscribe and Like this video if you found it helpful. Also, if you need other zipper help , please comment below to let us know how we can help.

repair replace broken zipper slide

There are some other options, this was what I did.

How to lubricate and maintain a drysuit zip correctly In this video we look at how to lubricate and maintain a drysuit zip correctly. If you have ever wondered how to expand the life of your drysuit zip then this is the video to watch!

Zipper Repair 101: Outdoor Edition

In this full episode, the team at FixnZip explains the different types of zippers, and how to repair them using FixnZip. For more information, or to purchase the FixnZip, visit our website or like us on Facebook at

Bring new life to your old purse bag or backpack

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