FreeCAD Tutorial Part 3 2D Constraints

author bram de vries   6 год. назад

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FreeCAD Tutorial Part4 From 2D Sketch to 3D Model

This tutorial shows the next step. From 2D into 3D and then into the next 2D sketch again. This continuous cycle builds fantastic 3D shapes!

FreeCAD Tutorial Part5 More 2D Constraints

This tutorial shows more nice and intelligent constraints that you can use in creating nice parametric parts

FreeCAD simple rectangle extrusion

Very simple freecad tutorial. Very shallow explanation just describing the creation of a simple rectangle extrusion.

Learn FreeCAD: #2 Sketches - Tutorial

This is a video tutorial about how to use the sketcher workbench in FreeCAD. The Sketcher workbench can be used for making 2D drawings which can later be converted into 3D parts. Sketching is the root of almost every CAD model. The following tools will be breifly covered: line arc circle polyline rectangle polygon The main focus of the video, however, will be on these constraints and dimensions: coincident fix vertical horizontal parallel perpendicular tangent equal symmetric lock horizontal distance vertical distance straight-line distance angle radius I am using FreeCAD version 0.17.

Learn FreeCAD: #3 Extrude - Tutorial

This is a video tutorial about how to extrude in FreeCAD. The extrude tools that I will be using are the pad and revolve tools from the part design workbench.The part workbench also includes different extrude tools, but they function differently and will be covered in future tutorial. I am using FreeCAD version 0.17.

Working with 2D sketches to build your 3D model is a very powerful method in modern CAD applications. This tutorial deals with the basics of how to set up and constrain your 2D sketch.

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