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National Fashion Accessories Association

The National Fashion Accessories Association (FASA) is a not-for-profit member based trade association that was formed back in the year 1986. It was initially known as the National Handbags Association. The main objective of FASA is to represent the interests of its members who are drawn from the importation and manufacturing industry. It seeks to shield its members from the complexities that are associated with the importation business. This is achieved by acting as an intermediary through which all its members can have easy access to all the pertinent information regarding the importation of fashion accessories. FASA also seeks to promote good ethics and maintain high standards of business practices among its members. The member base has grown to include manufacturers and importers of umbrellas, handbags, belts, gloves and other small leather goods.

FASA is uniquely positioned to perform this critical role by employing a team of industry experts who work around the clock to ensure that their members enjoy a smooth and efficient process when it comes to the importation of their goods. This team includes legal advisers who are ready to quickly offer legal advice upon need. The team also includes experts in clearing and forwarding who assist the members with pertinent information on importation logistics.

FASA also works in collaboration with government agencies, the port authorities as well as shipping lines on issues that touch on product safety, customs as well as the negotiation of freight costs. All these efforts are aimed at lessening the complexities and costs that their members would otherwise have to deal with when importing their fashion accessories. By doing so, FASA gives its members the opportunity to focus on their business in the knowledge that their goods are guaranteed a smooth entry into the United States.

FASA also provides a comprehensive website which is rich in information such as the dates of upcoming accessory markets, any government regulation updates, shows and any other news related to the accessories industry. They are also very instrumental in setting of the New York shows dates and also in the dissemination of such information to the manufacturers and importers. This helps in ensuring that their members are adequately informed and prepared to showcase their items and that buyers are well aware of the upcoming events.

Another critical role that is played by FASA is in the provision of attorney services as well as a Director of Government Relations. These offices help their members to navigate the numerous regulation challenges that plague the industry. This department has continually engaged with the government to push for the reduction and elimination of stiff tariffs and regulation that targets the accessories market.

One notable win in this quest has been the elimination of high tariffs for stick umbrellas. Another win that has also been realized through the same lobbying has been the elimination of high tariffs on leather handbags that have a thin lining. This particular win has gone a long way in realizing huge cost savings for the members involved in the importation of handbags.

FASA also works closely with the International Trade and Marketing Department of Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Through this collaboration FASA helps offer internship programs for the fashion accessories industry as well as student scholarships. FASA hopes that these programs will help to introduce innovation in the industry.

FASA is always looking for ways and means through which it can pass on maximum benefits to its members in ways that can consequently lead to the growth of the fashion accessories industry.

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