How to Stamp Concrete

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"Paint on, Paint off"-How we resurface concrete in Keller, TX by SolCrete, LLC

This project shows how we applied a trowel down overlay to resurface concrete for a patio in Keller, Tx. The challenging part was the two layers of epoxy paint that had been rolled over on certain parts of the patio that needed to be removed. The homeowner had already tried to chemically strip it but that didn't pan out so we knew we were just going to have to grind it off. The problem with grinding epoxy is that as the grinding stone heats up it turns the epoxy into a gooey mess that just swirls around. We didn't have a choice so we just pushed through with frequent stops to clean the stones. Before we resurface concrete the floor needs to be properly prepared. This can be by grinding as we did here, power washing and/or acid etching prior to applying the trowel down overlay. This helps make sure that the overlay material will adhere tightly to the concrete. Usually, for exterior projects, we resurface concrete in two steps, the first is where we apply a skim coat that fills in small imperfections in the concrete and sticks tightly to the floor. The second step is the actual trowel down. It is the same overlay material we used in the first but while putting it down we "hand whip it" to create a textured surface. Once this textured layer had dried we can proceed directly to staining it or, as in this project, score (cut) it into a random stone pattern. First we chalk out a stone pattern on the floor as a guide and then use an angle grinder with a diamond blade to cut it directly into the floor. The scoring process creates random stones so that the floor has a pattern to it on top of having a stone like texture. After scoring we apply concrete stains to the floor. Usually we will put down two to four highlight colors depending on the look you want. We can do subtle highlights like you see here or stain each individual stone a different color. Whenever we resurface concrete we always wrap it up with a sealer to protect the floor. Thank you for your time. Call us at 940.594.9257 or visit us at or email us at info at for more information.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete / Stamped Concrete Driveway by Readypave Ltd

full installation process of a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway ( Stamped Concrete) by Readypave Ltd

Smart Techniques Construction Stairs - Amazing Building Stone Stairs

Smart Techniques Construction Stairs - Amazing Building Stone Stairs Thank for watching my video ! Subcribe my chanel :

Ejecución de pavimento de 15 cm de espesor de hormigón de 6.00m x 55.00 m en 12 horas de trabajo

En esta ocasión Constructora FENIX presenta un procedimiento de trabajo singular. Se trata de la primera de tres etapas de llenado de un pavimento de hormigón (fck 250 daN/cm2) armado de 15 cm de espesor que tiene un ancho de 6.00 m (en la primer etapa) y 55.00m de largo, restan por construir dos paños más de las mismas características que el primero. Se destaca que se colocaron 50 m3 de hormigón pre elaborado en 5 horas, se procedió a la utilización de una regla vibradora (enarco) extensible doble de 3.50m a 6.40m, la terminación se logró con una llana mecánica rotativa (Terex Bartell) en tres etapas (disco, paletas anchas y paletas de terminación), y posteriormente se procedió al corte de las juntas de dilatación con una cortadora de disco sobre carrito (Wacker). Espero sea de vuestro agrado, por constructora FENIX Arq. Javier E. Borgno

Garden Renovation

People of YouTube. I thank you all massively for watching this old timelapse of mine, almost 7 years old now. I have no idea how you are finding it, but I'm impressed that my first ever attempt to make a timelapse has had over a million views to showcase the fine work done by Elliot of Royal Landscapes in converting a mess of a garden we inherited when we bought the house to something we knew we could work with and make a special place for our family. Less impressive is the constant babble from people saying it isn't a garden, I hate plants, blah blah blah. It was MY garden, not yours. Finally I've grown tired of the moronic comments, and have blocked comments - which is a shame as there were many good comments too. Enjoy the video - 3 weeks of work in 3 minutes. Then understand that this was just the beginning of the journey on this garden and it looked very different within just a few months of the completion of this video. Happy viewing! Music: Life in Technicolor © 2008 Coldplay.

BRICKFORM show how to properly stamp concrete from start to finish. BRICKFORM will go over the Stamping process. This video goes over Antique Release, Texture Mat's, texture Skins, touch-up wheels, Chisels, detailing the stamp job and sealing.
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