Corn snake

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How to care for a corn snake

Our RSPCA expert has advice on looking after a corn snake. Watch our video with lots of information about how to set up a vivarium for a corn snake properly. If you'd like to read more about caring for a corn snake and download our corn snake care sheet visit:

Unboxing my first ever BALL PYTHON!

This high white pinstripe pied was purchased from Stuart Reptiles. I am very pleased!


Como dito no vídeo caixa registradora de no mínimo 30 litros essas caixas vcs encontram em lojas de utilidades etc já deixem o Like que pretendo fazer mais vídeos se inscrevam no canal e compartilha pros amigos que tem a dúvida!!!

Corn Snake Cleaning!

Cleaning out and setting up my corn snake's enclosure!

Corn Snake Heating And Lighting

In this video, I outline the basics in providing the correct heating and lighting for your corn snake. This is arguably the most important variable when it comes to keeping them in the captive environment, so it is imperative that you know all that there is to know about if BEFORE you decide to purchase on of these animals. I hope that this video helped you find out what you needed! If it did or you simply enjoyed it, please leave a like and consider subscribing to my channel!

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