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DIY | Convert Old Jeans into a Trendy HandBag | Best Out of Waste Jeans Handbag | Tutorial

In this video we have shown how to make a Trendy HandBag using a pair of old Jeans in a very easy way. You can use any size Jeans. For lining you can use old Cotton Duppatta. Never throw away any piece of fabric. Start collecting and Happy Sewing !!!!!!!!!!! To make it easy for all you lovely ladies out there interested in making these pretty jewelry, we have launched our website. So please visit our website to order all the required jewelry making material. To know How to sew a Velvet sling Bag, please watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9g2c0ntrfE To know how to wrap bangles please watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YUu9NDGZYg To know how to wrap 5mm Wooden Bead please watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8vUIJw89KY To know how to wrap the Jhumka base please watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF-smwyp_Tg Please Subscribe, Like , Follow us on - ♥ ♥ YOUTUBE ♥ ♥ https://www.youtube.com/knottythreadz ♥ ♥ FACEBOOK ♥ ♥ https://www.facebook.com/ThreadzKnotty/ ♥ ♥ TWITTER ♥ ♥ https://twitter.com/ThreadzKnotty ♥ ♥ BUSINESS INQUIRY ♥ ♥ threadzknotty@gmail.com Please Visit Our ♥ ♥ WEBSITE ♥ ♥ http://www.knottythreadz.com To order all the jewelry making materials. ♥ ♥ Whatsapp or Call ♥ ♥ 70221 57753 To Buy Bangle Boxes please click on the links below - 1. Red Bangle Box with 5 Rods - http://amzn.to/2igPRO3 2. Bangle Organiser / Bangle Box - 3 Rods (Pack of 2) - http://amzn.to/2hPXHx5 3. Transparent Bangle Organizer Box Velvet Coated Jewelry Storage with 5 Rods - http://amzn.to/2hrTpLu To Buy Earring Organizer - Please click on the links below - 1. Red Velvet Folding 16 Earrings Organizer Box - http://amzn.to/2hrUoeG 2. Combo of Earring Case Travel Box -Keeps upto 8 Pair Earings & Ring Case Travel Box - http://amzn.to/2hyFZ59 3. Pack of 2 Multipurpose Folder Earring box Ring box case jewellry pouch Travelling Box - http://amzn.to/2hQ0jen To Buy Storage Boxes- Please click on the links below - 1. 6 Grids Multipurpose Transparent Plastic Storage Box - http://amzn.to/2iHXhNx 2. Adjustable Multipurpose Plastic Storage Box for Jewelry - http://amzn.to/2hvwtyi Please comment below and don't forget to give a Thumbs up. It means a lott to us .... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Spread Love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Take Care ... See u soon ...

How to clean a Micheal Kors or Coach canvas handbag

I have cleaned all of my fabric Michael Kors and Coach canvas purses using this method with fabulous results. I usually pick a day to do it and gather them all up and start scrubbing! They smell so fresh and clean afterwards it's like a fresh spring breeze! Disclaimer- try it on an inconspicuous spot first if you are worried about ruining your purse it won't, but this way you will be sure.

DIY Fabric & Cardboard Purse | Card Holder | Clutch

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Handbag Manufacturing Company- Leatherworks By Arturo- NJ, USA

An insider look at Leatherworks by Arturo, a handbag and accessories manufacturing company operating in Union City, NJ. LBA has been a cornerstone in Made in America handbags and accessories for over 34 years. This business specializes in custom patternmaking, initial sampling, duplication samples, as well as small and large production runs. Consulting services, which specialize in design, product development, and line building are also offered. This business proudly manufactures in the USA!

10 मिनट में cutting stitching of handmade handbag in hindi /shopping bag /travel bag


http://www.closeoutexplosion.com is a wholesale closeout business in New York.

http://www.wholesalequest.com provides information on wholesale brand name designer handbags. https://closeoutexplosion.com/products/10-handbag-directories-all-women-must-know

Fashion rules our world. From tip to toe we believe to make ourselves captivating. In fact, most of us experiment to steal all the attention from wherever we pass by. We’ve got a lump of stuff to decide from. Obviously! We cannot cover all of them here but starting with small, here we list and describe 10 handbag directories which offer amazing quality handbags at a reasonable price. These have given a new definition to handbags and, look forward to introducing more contemporary items to the women of the world. These are:

1. Beadazzled creations, the organization, situated in San Angelo, Texas, United States of America. The organization specializes in various kinds of handbags. They have various genres of bags which are beautifully embroidered.Also, they have a wide variety of accessories like hairbands, clips, neckalaces which will entice up

your look to make you a better one.To explore their store visit http://www.beadazzledcreationslive.com/

2. E-Z Luggage, Incorporation is categorized as one of the best wholesalers for Handbags. Thy deal with all kinds of bags those are made of different quality. Also, they deal with designers bags too. You can contact the same through Tel: 407

291-6669, or Email: newezroll@yahoo.com

3. El Pack Import, offers it supplies of varieties of bags all over the world. Also, they offer price inclusive of the shipping price. Contact at Toll-Free: 888-306-9989.

4. Jillian Distributors are among the top wholesalers of the bag in the United States of America. They deal with customized designs. For more information visit http://www.jilliandistributors.com/

5. The Bagzdepot offers bags which can be reused over and over again. They offer good quality tote bags in different unique colors. Also, the fabric used is of good quality. For more information visit https://www.bagzdepot.com/

6. The Fashion Go is the company in Los Angeles that specializes in handbags. It can show you a big list of quality handbags from where you can choose Also, the website deals with various other quotients of fashion like clothes, dresses, earrings and much more.. To grab one visit http://www.fashiongo.net/Category?cid=4

7. Visit Simi accessories corporation at https://www.simiaccessories.com/ . The organization has its expertise in handbags and other accessories. The variety of rings, necklaces, pendants, hair clipsand much more. Also,the organization owns a very long list of satisfied clients. Go grab your bag now.

8. The handbag fashion. Com is one exclusive website only for handbags. One might have to spend a full day to explore its entire segment. Visit https://www.handbagfashion.com/ now!

9. Purse pros, the professional organization for bags with laudable quality. Their pricing starts from 5$. They offer bags for men too. It is a store that can certainly fulfill your demands of bag. For more information visit http://pursepros.com/home.php

10. The Tote Bag factory offers bags that suit your personality. They offer the services cotton, polyester, handwoven bags in different colours. You can visit them at https://totebagfactory.com/

The handbag wholesalers mentioned above are among the top bag providers of the world. They have satisfied a majority of clients and, many more in line. They offer majority kinds of Tote bags, cross body bags, duffle bags, backpacks, reusable shopping bags, lunch bags, cooler bags and much more. The fabric available for these bags are cotton, polyester, nylon, hand woven and again the number is infinite. Also, the prices of the same are quite laudable. Therefore stop wasting time and, visit any one of the above mentioned to grab your bag.

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