FreeCAD Manipulator WB @Work!

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FreeCAD - Manipulator WB Tour

This is a quick ad-hoc video of the Manipulator Workbench for FreeCAD.

FreeCAD 0.17 Tutorial 4

In this video is shown the workflow of small shape in different workbenches. For more details visit my website: Facebook: Twitter: @LFreecad Music: Mirage by Chris Haugen

From FreeCAD To The Real World

Demo video that shows how FreeCAD can be used to take an idea and turn it into a physical product. Enjoy

FreeCAD Tutorial - Using Groups for better Workflow

When your project starts growing and you have many objects that are becoming difficult to manage is time to consider using groups. It also adds a "layer" like management piece to FreeCAD. I ramble a bit in the first minute and a half so feel free to skip ahead to about 1:30 In this video I use a Stick frame model of a backyard shed to show how groups can help make managing all the bits and pieces quite a bit easier. I demonstrate how to use draft move with group selection. You can use all the draft functions with a group selection.

Inverse Kinematics of Articulated Manipulator

FreeCAD Manipulator Workbench @Work!
Showing how to align complex objects including Part Design New containers.

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