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16 Overcoat Do's & Don'ts - Gentleman's Gazette

Never commit an overcoat faux pas again! - OTHER GUIDES MENTIONED: 1. Boots 101 - 2. The Most Overrated Color in Menswear: Black - 3. Duffle Coat Guide - 4. The Fedora Hat Guide - 5. Homburg Hat - 6. How A Suit Should Fit - 7. Is It Worth It? The Burberry Trench Coat - 8. Sleeve Length Guide - SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Reversible Scarf in Burgundy Red and Blue - 2. Edelweiss Boutonniere - 3. Petrol Blue Men's Gloves - 1. Don't just buy the same black boring overcoat that every other man out there has. Black, in my opinion, is quite overrated especially for overcoats because it shows every little hair and dust speck and you just blend in. 2. Do look for longer overcoats. By that, I mean something that covers your knee because you stay warmer that way and traditionally, it's a very classic look that won't go out of style anytime soon. 3. Do opt for hundred percent natural materials in overcoats. Unfortunately, even expensive overcoats these days are often blended because it makes the fabric less expensive and thus more affordable or increases the profit margins of the manufacturer. While polyester nylon fibers can make a garment more durable, they're not as insulating as natural fibers such as cashmere, or wool, or alpaca, and because of that, I'd stay clear of them. 4. Don't buy an overcoat with a zipper. Yes, you can see them in ski jackets and functional jackets but an overcoat is a classic garment that is stylish and as such, you'd go with buttons. 5. Opt for a double-breasted one. Yes, it's true that single-breasted coats are the norm out there but double breasted ones make you stand out from the crowd and on top of that, they keep you warmer because they have two layers of fabric on top of each other. 6. Don't forget the Hat. An overcoat is great to be worn with a hat because it keeps you warmer and because it's a classic garment, it is stylish, a hat always works well together. 7. Do wear a boutonniere or a pocket square with your overcoat. 8. Don't buy an overcoat that is too large and baggy because it makes you look unattractive. First of all, determine how you want to wear your overcoat. If you do want to wear a jacket underneath, make sure you have enough room in your overcoat. 9. Do look for striking yet classic details. No, I don't want you to wear bright orange reflective overcoats, however, I urge you to consider maybe an interesting weave in the fabric such as on this one here, where you can see, it consists out of gray, black, and blue, and because of that, it's super versatile because I can wear with all kinds of suits in those colors. 10. Don't buy overcoats that combine the styles of different overcoats because they will look dated very quickly. 11. Don't be afraid to invest a little money in a good-quality overcoat because it's something that will last you longer than a suit most of the time and you also have to buy fewer of them. 12. Do consider vintage overcoats. Personally, I love vintage overcoats because they have heavier fabrics that drape really really well and on top of that, they have interesting color combinations such as the coat I'm wearing here right now, in fact, most of the overcoats in my collection are vintage. 13. Don't mix an overcoat with casual attire. If you want to wear your sweatpants, maybe go with a quilted jacket or a hoodie and leave the overcoat at home. 14. Do look for heavy fabrics in an overcoat because they're much more forgiving, they don't show wrinkles as easily, and they'll keep you warm. 15. Don't show any cuff on an overcoat. With regular suit jackets or sport coats, most men want to show a little bit of their shirt cuff. With an overcoat, that's not the case, you want it to reach all the way down to the beginning of your thumb. 16. Do look for the little button in the vent area because when it's very windy, you can just close it and stay warmer that way. BONUS: If you wear an overcoat, try to add classic accessories such as a scarf or gloves. #overcoatsformen #mensovercoats #notsponsored --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette Facebook: FREE EBOOK:

How Much is Your Outfit? - New York Fashion Week Meet Up

How much is your outfit in New York city with the Unknown Family, Unknown Gods featuring a lot of Supreme, some Palace and a crazy expensive outfit over $3,000+ !!!!! Crazy expensive outfit!!!! ►Download SLYDE: ► Shop Yeezys, Denim, Jackets & Tees here - ► Click Here to Subscribe: Here are all my social links: ► Instagram: (@icymukof) ► Facebook: ► Twitter: (@icymukof) ► Snapchat: kof-kacca For business enquiries: ► Email: If you are new, my YouTube channel is about documenting the millenium- the youth culture. Showing street fashion, high fashion street culture, sub culture events, parties and shows. I document the London youth culture, making viewers feel as if they were part of the event and not missing out.

Winter Lookbook | 秋冬大衣外套风衣的多种穿搭方式 | 冬季穿搭灵感 | 保暖&时尚的单品| 黑五折扣攻略

大家早上好!最近我们真的是大宝天天见哈哈哈!昨天跟大家分享了我秋冬的毛衣合集,今天的视频来跟大家分享一下大衣/风衣/外套的几种穿搭方式,希望能给大家带来一些冬季的穿搭灵感,希望你们会喜欢哦~❤️ *身高175 体重102斤左右 【视频中的单品】: 🍒#LOOK1 1.米色格纹大衣(xs) 🔥W concept 官网 11月21日-11月26日 (美西时间晚上5点美东时间八点开始!)使用折扣码【BF18】全场五折! 另外折扣区低至二五折!!入口 🔥我的九折折扣码【WENNING1018】 2..焦糖棕毛衣 3..白色牛仔裤(25) 4.Yuzefi白棕拼色包 NAP上这个配色在打七折!也超级好看! 5.白棕拼色靴子 🍒#LOOK2 1.米色格纹大衣(xs) 2.浅焦糖色袖口深灰色毛衣 3.浅色牛仔裤(25) 4.搭配方形金棕色包包 前面金色的链条是单独的 5.丝绒焦糖色靴子 同款墨绿色 🍒#LOOK3 1.米色格纹大衣(xs) 2.白色毛衣内搭 3.双排扣格纹半裙(s) 4.棕色复古牛津鞋(不偏码) 5.Yuzefi白棕拼色包 NAP上这个配色在打七折!也超级好看! 6.acne studios围巾 🍒#LOOK4 1.皮革羊羔绒双面穿外套(xs) 2.棕色竖条纹打底毛衣(s) 3.COS牛仔裤(颜色好看这个裤型也是超级显瘦!尺寸偏小一点 平时我是25码这条买的26哈) 4.acne studios运动鞋灰白色款 黑白色款 【或者】 🔥Shopbop11月20日-11月26日 使用折扣码【MORE18】满200刀享85折、500刀享8折、800刀享75折 🔥总入口 5.棕色包包 6.gucci腰带(75) 🍒#LOOK5 1.皮革羊羔绒双面穿外套(xs) 2.黑色高领内搭(xs) 3.千鸟格裙子(xs) 4.sw长靴 【或者】 (Shopbop折扣码【MORE18】满200刀享85折、500刀享8折、800刀享75折) 5.黑色帽子 (URBAN OUTFITTERS全场八折! 入口 🍒#LOOK6 1.皮革羊羔绒双面穿外套(xs) 2.牛仔外套(s) 3.黑色牛仔裤(25/29 无敌显瘦拉长腿!) 4.黑色绑带靴子(不偏码) 5.棕色包包 🍒#LOOK7 1.皮革羊羔绒双面穿外套(xs) 2..马卡龙蓝色毛衣 同款白色 同款灰色 同款黑色 (非常推荐他们家的大衣颜色都超级的美!) 3.白色牛仔裤(25) 4.白色cafune方型包类似 🍒#LOOK8 1.抹茶绿双面穿格纹风衣(xs) 2.黑色皮衣(M) (petite studio黑五折扣 11.21-11.26 满450刀享八折、450刀-750刀享七五折、满750刀享七折) 3.黑色绑带靴子(不偏码) 4.白色高领打底衫(s-m) 5.Chloe包包 (ssense上每款颜色都打折!七折到九折!) NAP上两个颜色打六折! 6.深色牛仔裤(24) 🍒#LOOK9 1.黑色高领内搭(xs) 2.sw黑色袜靴 3.搭配的深蓝牛仔裤(2) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔥我的黑五攻略&折扣信息(陆续更新) 1.NET-A-PORTER折扣区 低至五折! 🍒入口 (大部分都是半价!非常适合入手品牌的衣服鞋子包包 折扣力度超大!等我陆续来更新我的推荐清单&购物车) 2.SSENSE折扣区 低至五折! 🍒女装入口 🍒男装入口 (也是购买品牌非常划算!如果和我一样是卫衣控的同学推荐去逛男装卫衣!经验告诉我 款式比女装多很多 选择小码就可以!) 3.W concept 官网 11月21日-11月26日 (美西时间晚上5点美东时间八点开始!)使用折扣码【BF18】全场五折!另外折扣区低至二五折!! 🍒入口 🍒我的九折折扣码【WENNING1018】 4.shopbop黑五活动时间:11月20-11月26 折扣码【MORE18】满200刀享85折、500刀享8折、800刀享75折 🍒总入口 🍒折扣区入口 🍒男装入口 推荐的品牌: (详细攻略大家可以看昨天发的毛衣合集&黑五攻略!) 1.acne studios 2. Golden Goose白色脏脏鞋 3. 3.1 Phillip Lim包包 4. Stuart Weitzman鞋子 5.frame超爱的牛仔裤品牌 6.STAUD(今年很火的包包牌子 种草了很久的水桶包) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.matchesfashion 折扣区 低至五折! 女装入口 男装入口 (看了一个loewe gate接近半价嗷嗷!会有一些断货的款前面没有的款式可以在这边找一下~) 6.MODA OPERANDI 折扣区 低至五折! 女装入口 男装入口 (大部分也是直接半价!除了大牌折扣力度不错以外 感觉是小众设计师品牌最全的网站~) 7.LUISAVIAROMA低至七折! 入口 8.Mytheresa 这个页面里的正价7折!折扣码【RSTYLE30】一个账号只能使用一次哦! 入口 9.Farfetch 折扣区 低至五折! 入口 10.URBAN OUTFITTERS全场八折! 入口 11.Burberry加拿大官网折扣 大衣大部分都五折!适合买给长辈! 入口 FTC: This video is sponsored by Frontrow. Thanks For Watching

10 Minor Style Mistakes That Are A MAJOR Problem!

KK&J Special Offer: Code: ALPHA Every guy needs a pair of these for those times he tucks! These things are the best! Special alpha m. thank you to KK&J for keeping me looking fresh and for sponsoring this awesome video! Enter Code: NEWHOME25 for 25% OFF your entire P&P Order! Salt: Putty: Invest in YOUR FACE, start using Tiege Hanley Enter the code PROJECT25 for 25% off your first system All promotion and advertising inquiries: Check out my NEW website: The BEST Hair Styling Products Check Out My Favorite Product The Fashion Anchor All Things Alpha M. Pete & Pedro: My Website: My Services and Products: Best Hair Product: Tiege Hanley Skin Care: Best Grooming Tool: Alpha M. App: Best Hair Product: Free Hairstyle E-Book: FaceBook: Twitter: Instagram: My Businesses: Alpha M. Consulting: i am alpha m: Pete & Pedro: MENfluential Media: StyleCon: When it comes to style, the line between 'put together' and 'disheveled' is a thin one. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro, and Fashion Anchor says that he noticed a sharp looking guy from a distance. But close-up, he looked sloppy with his details a hot mess. Minor style mistakes can ruin your look. Here's how to avoid them. The Keys to Looking Put Together 1. How's your gig line? Is it in line? 2. Does your belt look indented, scuffed, and scratched? 3. Is your undershirt visible? 4. Are your shoe laces worn out? 5. Are your sweaters covered with fuzz balls? 6. Do you sport a muffin top? 7. Is your tie too long or too short? 8. Are your pant legs too long? 9. Are your sleeves rolled sloppily? 10. Are you covered in lint? Keep Your Shirt Tucked Look sharp with KK & Jay's shirt tail garter. They perfected them to make you even more stylish. With KK & Jay, your shirt is tucked tightly, and your socks are kept up. The shirt stays tucked in with the dynamic tension while remaining comfortable. They even have a version for guys who go sockless. Keep them in your style arsenal so when you want to look super fresh, you can pop it out! They also have some badass sexy suspenders. Every guy needs a pair of these too.


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M&S Trench Coat £149 -
Reiss Waterproof £245 (now £160)
Private White V.C - £495
Burberry Tailored Coat - £1,390 -


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