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HOW TO: Build The Perfect Working Wardrobe - REISS

How to build the perfect working wardrobe – shop the edit: http://onreiss.com/1DWb5CF Scroll down to shop Louise Roe’s look; Garda top - http://onreiss.com/1KtOEtX Joanne Trousers - http://onreiss.com/1benZot Alex shoes - http://onreiss.com/1AgdcRd Beata’s look; Anchor top - http://onreiss.com/1Agdxn0 Ellen shoes - http://onreiss.com/1AgdyqV Crandon bag - http://onreiss.com/1EQLW2U ‘How To: Build The Perfect Working Wardrobe’ is part of the REISS video series featuring fashion expert and TV presenter, Louise Roe. Sitting under the workwear section of the How To series, it offers tips on how to make a polished impression with your work outfits. This is a guide to the capsule pieces that every professional woman should have in her wardrobe. A selection of smart, tailored separates will take the stress out of getting ready in the morning and suit a tight schedule. A classic, well-fitting suit, sharply cut trousers, a tailored dress, a pencil skirt and an elegant coat are key investments. They should be styles that work as a complete look as well as worn separately, as the idea is to create a wardrobe from which you can mix and match items to create completely new outfits with minimal effort. Finding the perfect fit can alter the way that you feel as well as the way that you hold yourself, so it’s important to try pieces on in store before you buy. Having two trouser styles that you know work for you is ideal as this small change can completely alter the silhouette of your outfit. Lastly, keep a selection of silk blouses on rotation for an effortless update. Slot in colour-pop and printed styles as these will enliven wardrobe classics in an instant. The tips in this video are designed to help you to create a wardrobe from which you can select a pair of trousers and a top from, and whatever you pick will work with each other.

What To Wear To A Job Interview

After running through what to wear for a job interview with a friend, I thought it might be fun to run through some options depending on the kind of workplace you're interviewing for. If you've got your own tips on what to wear to a job interview or if you have a go-to piece, I'd love to see it or know what it is! Hope you're wonderful! X Jodie

Job Interview Question & Answers for freshers - Free Job Interview tips & English Lessons

Job Interview Question & Answers for freshers - Free English Lessons. Blog : http://www.learnex.in Website : http://www.letstalkpodcast.com Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/letstalkpodcast youtube : http://www.youtube.com/learnexmumbai Straight out of college and looking for a job or probably you already have an interview lined up. Here are few tips for freshers that will help to ace the job interview.You have completed your education and heading towards a new phase of life and you really don't want to goof up. So let's look at some tips to answer the most common questions asked to a fresher in a job interview. 1) Tell me about yourself..... Remember the person asking you about yourself is not someone you met in a coffee shop,if all goes well he or she will be your boss or your employer. So answers like "I love being on Facebook all day long" or "I changed 3 girlfriends in my four years of college" will not be the right thing to say. The things that you need to mention is your education background,some information about your parents or your siblings but you need not get into detail.Also you can talk about the things you like to do in your free time or something about your personality traits. 2) Why should we hire you? The purpose of this question is to see if you are really interested in taking up this job or you are here just because you are jobless or probably you want to make some quick money to buy a new smart phone. Relate the job requirements to your candidature and explain why your are a suitable candidate for this job.A company would like to hire you only if you can add some value to the organisation. So focus on your skills and how helpful can it be for what you are being interviewed. Talk about your abilities such as you grasp new things quickly or you have a very flexible attitude. These are some qualities that a organisation looks forward for in a fresh graduate. 3) Talk about your strengths: You need to prepare for this one way in advance before an interview. List all your strengths in a notepad and try to find ways to back those traits. For example " I have always submitted all my projects and assignments before the deadline date". This speaks about you being punctual. Another example :I was leading a team for a big college presentation" so this speaks about your leadership qualities. Don't boast about how goo you are but do tell the facts and do't lie. 4) Are you planning for future studies? One should answer this question very tactfully. The company wants to know if you are here for good or you will just make use of their training resources and say goodbye to them. SO if you are pursuing further studies make sure you mention it and give a reason to it. Also if you are taking distance education or part time courses its important for you to mention it as you will need to take leaves for exams. 5) What do you know about our company: Don't just wake up in the morning get dressed and go for the interview. This question is one reason to do some research about the company. Use the search tools on the internet or go through the website, see and understand what the company is into, what are their products or who are their clients and so on. Don't end up asking silly question like are you good pay masters or who are your competitors etc. Always practice your answers with full confidence, good enthusiastic tone and maintain a good body language. Make sure you give assurance to the company that you are here to build a long term relationship with the organisation and add value to it.

What to Wear For an Interview | The Intern Queen

Hi All, Welcome back to my channel! I'm so excited for today's bonus video because I get so many questions as to what is appropriate to wear for an interview so I wanted to film a special video showing you some pieces you definitely need to have in your closet. Stay tuned because I'm going to show you what to wear for your summer internship in my next video! Hope you enjoyed this video! Let's keep in touch! You can find internships and read my blog at http://Internqueen.com For advice on post grad life and if you're in your first, second, or third job visit: http://LaurenBergerInc.com Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1kmYQgu Twitter: http://bit.ly/1MBZ3TC Instagram: http://bit.ly/1MPzxz3 Snapchat: InternQueen My books :) All Work No Pay: http://amzn.to/1Xi1wdF Welcome to the Real World: http://amzn.to/1MSuXja Email me (I do my very best to personally respond to each email): YouTube@InternQueen.com Thanks for all your support! -Lauren Berger Intern Queen Song by Dion Roy. You can purchase it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/intern-queen-song-feat.-lauren/id1051949230

What To Wear To An Interview

Read the full What To Wear To An Interview guide here: https://gentl.mn/interview-ootd Get the Tie: https://gentl.mn/2kSuiET Get the Pocket Square: https://gentl.mn/2kS9AoF As you probably know, first impressions matter and nothing communicates competence, professionalism and excellence like a well put together outfit. The goal is to look perfectly dressed for the job you're interviewing for so you show respect for the opportunity you get. The general rule is to wear a suit and a tie to the interview. There's always an exception the rule, let's say you apply for a job with a start-up design agency or with an outdoor construction company. In those situations, a suit may alienate you from your peer group and it may seem like you're the odd one out and you don't fit in the team. Let's get back to the rule. If you apply for an office job or any other traditional job, a corporate job, this is what you should do: A classic outfit shows that you are serious about your job and respectful and this is not the time to be flashy because you want to be subtle and you want not to have people judge you based on a diamond earring or a flashy ring. So what exactly does it mean to wear a traditional suit and tie? Number one is, wear a dark suit. In terms of color, that means you can go with navy, charcoal, or gray. Do not wear black because black is reserved for funerals. In terms of a silhouette, your safest best is to get a notched lapel, single breasted jacket with about 2 or 3 closing buttons or a double breasted jacket. Both are equally as correct for an interview. Two, wear a dress shirt. A dress shirt means you have a regular, button down shirt with a collar, and I suggest you get a classic collar or a slightly spread collar and then you choose the colors, either a solid white, a solid light blue, those are the best 2 colors. Avoid a button down collar or anything that's too extreme, too big or too small. Also, avoid strong patterns. Third, you want a basic, silk necktie. That means, it's no unusual weave, just regular silk, and solid colors, you can add a little texture like one with grenadine, or a jacquard weave but no paisley pattern, maybe a subtle stripe but that's about it. In terms of necktie colors, I recommend red, burgundy, blue, bottle green or maybe silver. Once you've picked out a tie, it's important to have a proper tie knot, that means it sits tight against your collar band and there's no gap like here otherwise, it looks sloppy and you want to avoid that at all cost. When it comes to tie knots, stay with a classic one, like a four in hand knot or an oriental one. Five, consider wearing a pocket square, a simple, plain, white, linen pocket square with a TV fold is simple and oozes classic elegance. Stay away from more flashy folds such as the shell folds and even the puff fold. Rule number 6: Wear over the calf socks. The reason being is that you never want to expose your hairy calves. You want simple over the calf socks that match the color of your trousers. A subtle stripe but again, don't go flashy, stay classic! Seven: Wear black shoes. Black is the ultimate interview shoe color and you should always stick with it. In terms of shapes, I recommend you go with a black oxford or a derby. If you do not have a cap toe oxford or a derby, you can actually go with a full brogue if you have it, that would work too. In terms of jewelry, I again, recommend to keep it simple. Have maybe, your wedding band, maybe cufflinks but that should be about it. If you have an interview during the winter, make sure you wear a pair of dark gloves such as gray gloves, a scarf in subtle, dark patterns and an overcoat. You never want to show up to an interview with a backpack because it screams "little schoolboy", you're a man, you're a professional and you want this job and you want to look like one, that means you have a satchel or a briefcase but not a backpack. Once you have assembled your outfit, it's important to check if you have any stains, loose threads, maybe tags or anything else that may look like you've never worn a suit before and that you're sloppy. Now you should be prepared for a classic, job interview. So what to wear to an interview in the IT , agency world or outdoor world? That's a much tougher question to answer. If a suit is too much, a blazer with a pair of chinos or khakis can still look very professional. #whattoweartoaninterview jobinterview #notsponsored ====================================== To never miss any of our videos again, sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/1SwaUFP Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette ======================================= Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/1RTAVl0 https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gentlemansgazette/ FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/1SwaUFP

What to wear to an interview - shop the edit:

‘How To: Dress For An Interview’ is part of the REISS How To video series, presented by fashion expert Louise Roe. The focus is on the importance of making a positive impression with your outfit when meeting a potential employer. You should wear something that fills you with confidence on the day.

It’s important to make sure your outfit is relevant for the role in question. Head to toe tailoring may be appropriate for certain offices, but gauging how corporate the environment might be and dressing accordingly is key. A silk shirt makes a polished addition to cigarette-leg trousers and heels and can be worn with or without a blazer depending on how formal you aim to look. Adding colour-pop shoes or a sleek envelope clutch will put a personal spin on an outfit and nod to your everyday style in a subtle and sophisticated way.

When it comes to women’s tailoring, getting the right fit is key. It can change the way you hold yourself as well as the way that you feel. Try everything on in store before purchasing as it’s not always the pieces that you think will suit you that end up looking the best – you may be surprised at what you end up choosing. It’s also advisable to trial your entire outfit the night before to check that it works as a complete look.
A white shirt is a timeless failsafe, so if in doubt, opt for this classic piece when prepping for your interview. It works with everything from tailored trousers to a pencil skirt, styled underneath a sleeveless dress or tucked into wide-leg culottes. Whether cut from crisp cotton or fluid silk, it’s a classic investment that’s sure to make a professional and stylish impression.

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