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Small Garden Design Ideas | DIY Garden Plans | Maria Amelie Young

Small Garden Design Ideas | DIY Garden Plans | Maria Amelie Young The best design for a small garden is basically to save space in order to gain maximum function of the garden. It can be achieved by putting plants and facilities in the right place and the right way. Small gardens have a lot more potential ideas. There is various design can be applied, ranging from adjusting the separation of zone, select the right plant, use vertical garden concept, use a clean and spacious concept to use some artificial hardscape or softscape elements as a point of interest of the garden. The first idea can be implemented is to divide the garden into several zones. Dealing with the narrow garden, it can be divided into two zones, circulation and plant area. The first design idea is to put the circulation in the middle to connect gate and home’ entrance and then create a garden area on both sides. It will make the garden look more neat and clear in each function. Ceramic (01:42) or gravel and cutting stone (01:52) can be used to cover the circulation. The first design can be improved by eliminating one side of area plants to be implemented for small backyard near the dining room (05:46). The other design of zoning is put the plant areas spread around circulation and this type will be suitable for a modern garden (02:12). One of the significant things in designing a small garden is to pay attention to the type of plant. Instead of using big and tall plants, it is greater to use shrubs so the garden will look more spacious and not really crowded. Type of bush and orchids (02:07) or short palm (03:58) will be great to give a green look on the garden. If you prefer with the colorful accent for the garden, type of flowers like petunia, begonia or rose will make the garden looks more stunning (03:12 & 05:11). On the other hand, vines can also be placed on the narrow garden (03:46). Plants can also be placed on the wood frame and hang it on the wall just like photos frame. It is a fresh concept for your garden! Tags: garden, small garden, small garden design ideas, small garden design ideas diy, small vegetable garden design ideas, small backyard garden design ideas, small front garden design ideas, small balcony garden design ideas, garden design ideas for small gardens, vegetable garden design ideas small gardens, small house garden design ideas, small modern garden design ideas, small space garden design ideas, landscaping, garden ideas, gardening, small garden ideas.

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