Ellie's Wicked Babysitter!

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The Day Ellie Became Mimi!

When Ellie and Mimi both make a wish to be each other, something crazy happens…The next day, they wake up but Ellie is Mimi, and Mimi is Ellie! So If you saw Mimi’s video yesterday you’d see how Ellie lived a day as Mimi and today is how Mimi lived a day as Ellie! She has to Go to school, gymnastics and more all why pretending to be British! Will she get find out? Will she be stuck as Ellie forever? Watch and find out! ~Ellie xo Music By: Kevin Macleod: Daily Beetle, Porch swing Days Faster, Professor Umlaut, Sneaky Snitch, Carpe Diem, Sneaky Adventure, Scheming Weasel Faster, The Show Must be Go, Two Finger Johnny, Rainbows, Disco Medusae, Cipher 2, The Builder, Take a chance, Heartwarming and Carefree Josh Woodward: Troublemaker instrumental

Sister Prank Battle

This weeks theme on SevenSuperGirls is Pranks. Ashlynn wants to hang out with her sister Bailey but she is always to busy for her. Ashlynn decides it’s time to have some fun and pull some funny jokes and pranks. Will all this pranking this bring them closer together? xoxo~Ashlynn Music By Kevin McLeod: Brooker’s Blues, The Builder,Sneaky Snooper, Circus Tent, Bushwick Tarantella,Get There, Exhilarate, The Assassins, Friction Looks, The Bandit, Memory Lane,Blue Ska. Music By Jason Shaw: Brooker’s Blues, Sneaky Music by Happy Republic:Go Be Wild (Instrumental Version) Misic by Alexander Folgemark:Gotta Be You-

The Legend of the Witch

SevenSuperGirls break a vase and make a witch homeless! Now they have to find her a new home!

Ellie's New Neighbour is Weird!

Ellie’s New Neighbour Poppy is HORRIBLE!.. Firstly, she’s really sassy and treats Ellie like her slave! Then she completely wrecks Ellie’s Homework that she worked really hard on! And then when Ellie’s mum invited her to come over for lunch she made a ridiculous mess by throwing all the food at Ellie! Ellie gets so mad that she shouts at Poppy-but feels really bad after! Will Poppy ever apologise? Or will she be Horrible to Ellie for ever?  Filming this video was so fun! I really hope you like it! Thanks so much for watching! ~Ellie xo Music by Kevin MacLeod: Nothing Broken, Chipper Doodle v2, Music to Delight, Thief in the night, 8bit Dungeon Boss-2, Bet You Can, Laconic Granny, Blip Stream, Gonna Start, Fun in a Bottle, Pixelland, Gymnopedie No 1, Heartwarming, Blue Ska, Daily Beetle

ᴴᴰMr Bean Full Episodes! The Best Cartoons! New Collection 2016 Part 1

ᴴᴰMr Bean Full Episodes! The Best Cartoons! New Collection 2016 Part 1 ... Mr. Bean also known as Mr. Bean: The Animated Series is an animated television series produced by Tiger Aspect Productions and, only for its first three seasons, by Richard Purdum Productions and Varga Holdings. It is based on the British live-action series of the same name, and the characters included Mr. Bean, Irma Gobb, Teddy, and the Reliant Supervan's mysterious driver, with the new addition of Mrs. Wicket, Bean's landlady, and her evil cat Scrapper. In February 2001, the series was officially announced, with it premièring shortly afterwards.

Ellie’s new babysitter is not very nice… she’s just wicked! She treats Ellie like a baby and even tries to make her eat baby food, so Ellie creates a plan to cause some mischief with her wicked babysitter! Will Ellie’s babysitter, Megan, become her friend? Or will she keep on being Wicked! Watch and find out!

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Royalty Free Music by Kevin Macloud: Sneaky Adventure, Gonna Start, The Chase FX, Gaslamp Funworks, Run Amok, Marty gots a plan, Fluffing a Duck, Merry Go, Rumination, Carefree

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