backyard koi pond waterfall garden ideas

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Savio - How to Build a Pond Free

This video goes through, from beginning to end, the construction of a Pond Free disappearing waterfall or stream using Savio brand components. There are many tips and tricks included to help you along the way. Visit our website or contact us at or for more information on Savio products and how to build Pond Free Systems. Adding a Pond Free waterfall or stream to your landscape allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of moving water without the maintenance and potential hazards that having an open pool of water that a pond can potentially provide.

What is it like to buy koi in Japan?

Join Sacramento Koi as we travel to Japan on our annual koi buying trip to experience first hand, what it is like to buy koi in Japan. To place a request for a new koi on our next buying trip, review the following video. - Here you'll find the equipment that we manufacture. - Here are the koi that we currently have for sale. Check back on November 16th to preview our new arrivals! Want to build a koi pond? See our video, 20 questions to ask yourself before you build a koi pond. Don't forget to subscribe! -

How To Build a Backyard Pond

See how easy it is to transform your outdoor living space with the Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit! Your pond maintenance is greatly reduced when you use an ecosystem approach to create your garden water feature using an easy-to-install kit.

Garden Koi Pond Renovation Timelapse

This is a timelapse spanning 10 days plus video of the finished pond. The old PVC liner had needed replacing for some time and we had patched up holes round the edge for years, but a new leak at the bottom meant we had no choice but to renovate the pond. We opted for a Firestone EPDM liner, a skimmer with dedicated pump and a new 'beach' area at the shallow end made from cobbles to give fry and newts a better chance of surviving. The edge of the pond was levelled as the ground had shifted over the years. The waterfall was sealed with cement and adjacent rocks rearranged. The plants were trimmed and rearranged. They flourished in no time and have overgrown somewhat. We placed spawning brushes near the shallow end and within a month we noticed fry swimming in the cobbles. After we have added new fish, we decided to put up an electric fence to help protect against the Heron and other wildlife. We realise it's not pretty, but the well-being of the fish is more important. The pond is located in central England. The timelapse was created in the Summer of 2016 with a GoPro on a tripod with bricks keeping the feet steady. If you have enjoyed it, please like, comment and subscribe.

Lucas Lagoons - Siesta Key Rock Waterfall Pool with Grotto, Spa and Stream

The best Lucas Lagoon yet? This Custom Pool on Siesta Key, Florida boasts an amazing rock waterfall, huge shaded tiki hut, walk-through stone grotto and an outdoor shower made of boulders. But the epic waterfall swimming pool is just the beginning. Follow Lucas Congdon of Lucas Lagoons on a backyard tour of this amazing luxury pool property on Siesta Key. Learn more about Lucas Lagoons custom waterfall pools: Subscribe to our youtube channel: Get in touch, sign up for our VIP newsletter and more - Follow Lucas Lagoons: @lucaslagoons

backyard pond waterfall ideas for landscaping
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