Passo a passo da criação do Anel Janela - por João Makray

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Thank you for 12:12 min of your time. My work on Instagram ► After 20 years of crafting jewelry sometimes I need to challenge myself just for the pleasure of creating. Today I´m going to turn 2 brass hex nuts into a 1 Ct diamond ring. I can craft the same engagement ring design in 18K white gold or platinum. Purcharse the only engagement ring in the world created from 2 brass hex nuts ► Thanks to: Pepetools - PepeLube Lubricant 1:28 ► Pepetools - 2:22 ► Rio Grande - Automatic Torch Igniter 7:32 ► My web: Follow my work: INSTAGRAM ► TWITTER ► FACEBOOK ► PATREON ► I’m a jewelry designer. In this channel you can find the beauty of the small things. "IF YOU CAN DREAM IT. YOU CAN DO IT" Walt Disney

Glass artist Michael Schunke creates a Skull Goblet Pt. 1 - The Skull

Michael Schunke is known internationally as The Goblet Ninja because of the speed and accuracy he displays while making blown glass goblets. Recently, he has been working on a series of lidded goblets with hot-sculpted skulls in the stem, and roses, or crows, or crossbones on the lids. Michael and his partner Josie Gluck operate Vetro Vero studios out of an old dairy in souther Pennsylvania. For this goblet, the team have chosen to prepare a batch of bright blue glass for their color furnace. The entire skull is made out of blue glass, and then coated with a thin layer of clear glass powder, which takes a bit of the shine away from the glass (like when you apply foundation to your skin, or powder your nose). If you liked this video, please consider subscribing to my channel, and stay tuned for Part 2, where the team create the goblet and lid, and assemble the whole thing together. If you are interested in learning more about these goblets, please check out where you can see the full line of Vetro Vero glassware. As always, thanks for watching!

Resin and Steel Fiber RING/PIERŚCIONEK z Żywicy i Włókna Stalowego

Resin and Steel Fiber RING/PIERŚCIONEK z Żywicy i Włókna Stalowego FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Banggood: 1. Electric Grinder: 2. Angle Grinder Stand: 3. More Mechanical parts: 4. 10% Discount (Offer App): 5. DIY Woodworking Hand Saw: I collect for a band saw/Zbiórka na piłę taśmową: Check these channels!!! KaMal: Pawel c: My channel:


This sword belongs to Ancient Greek or spartan Armoury. These types of swords were built to hold them in one hand and the classic blade was generally about 50–60 cm long, although the Spartans supposedly started to use blades as short as 30 cm around the era of the Greco-Persian Wars. Me and my elder brother we helped each other to make this video and i am deeply thanks to our every single subscriber who is supporting us to do something new and creative. I made this just for fun i am not promoting any kind weapons so guys just sit back relax and enjoy the video. I love the Brass and you guyz can see casted brass looks really enchanting in the handle. Some of viewers just hate me to much because of using brass but its my skill so i want to work on the things i am good to do so guys watch the videos just for fun. I showed the whole procedure for restoring this chopper in this video. o. The liquid i used to remove RUST was VINEGAR. o. I used sandpapers of different GRITS for the shine of the steel. o. Brass casting was done for the HANDLE to look more enchanting. o. Dark coloured wood was used to make the handle. o. For Hardening the blade i used my own handmade METAL MELTING FURNACE. o. I used clear paint to shine the wooden handle and Brass was shined by special brass polish. Rusted GREEK SWORD - Impossible RESTORATION Don't forget to subscribe our channel: #RandomHands #Restoration 'If you like this Project perhaps You may like my some others. o. Antique Handmade Butcher's Knife RESTORATION o. Rusty Handmade BUTCHER's SLICER - Unbelievable Restoration o.Antique Handmade MEAT CHOPPER | RESTORATION o. Destroyed Rusty JigSaw PERFECT Restoration o.Rusty Jammed Angle Grinder Worst Restoration Ever Guys just hit, press or beat the Subscribe button do whatever you want just fight with subscribe button Please Subscribe us :

Aliança feita de moeda antiga_passo a passo.

Aprenda a fazer uma linda aliança utilizando moedas antigas,uma linda joia para presentear ou para vender.Uma arte antiga que e muito valorizada nos dias de hoje.

Anel feito à mão em prata 990, resina e material fotoluminescente.
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