Tornado in a Jar

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Underwater Volcano Science Experiment

Underwater Volcano Science Experiment In this Video we show you the steps to conduct this cool science experiment. You can follow along at home using a few common items and you too can use science to create what looks like an underwater volcano. Enjoy the video! Leave your questions & comments below. Subscribe to Cool Science Experiment HQ on YouTube Get the FREE ebook '3 Simple Science Experiment for Kids': ======================================= Cool Science Experiments HQ - Facebook - FREE Weekly Newsletter: ======================================= How To Make a Underwater Volcano Science Experiment ======================================= Experiment Details Items Needed =========== * Small clear glass bottle with narrow mouth * Large clear contains that is at least 5 inches taller than the bottle) * 3 ft of String * Food Coloring * Hot Water * Cold Water Instructions =========== Step 1 - 4: Begin with a small glass jar with a narrow mouth. Cut a long piece of string (3 ft) and tie one end around the mouth of the jar. Then thread the other end through the piece of string on the other side of the mouth of the jar. Tie that end into a knot. Ensure that both knots are tight and cut off any excess from the ends of the string. Once you have finished, you have created a string handle that you will use to pick up and lower the jar. Step 5: Next pour hot water into the jar. Helpful Tip: Use a funnel to make it easier to pour the water. Step 6: Add a 5-10 drops of red food coloring to the jar. The water should be a dark red color. Step 7: Next get a large clear container and fill it with cold water. Helpful Tip: The container must be taller than the bottle. For best results, the water level should be 4-5 inches higher than the top of the bottle. Step 8: Carefully pick up the bottle using the string handle you created and slowly lower it into the container of water. Observe what happens next. ======================================= Cool Science Experiments HQ - Facebook - FREE Weekly Newsletter: =======================================

Tornado Whirlpool Maker Science Kit ~ Incredible Science

Subscribe!: Buy it Here: Find us on Facebook! Create your own spinning, twirling, whirling tornado! Includes Storm Chamber, Sound Effects, Variable Speed Control Center, Birds Eye View and more! This Tornado Maker will guide you through the entire process of how a tornado forms, what can occur, how it travels and the damage it can cause by creating your own high-speed thundering liquid tornado right before your eyes. Create different tornados by combining different objects and liquids in the storm simulator and program different wind velocities to simulate the different power a tornado can release. Just fill the storm chamber with water and turn the power dial "On" to watch your liquid tornado form instantly. Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas: Learn How Tornados Work The Tornado Maker kit includes a fun fact manual that explains the various types of tornados and different structures, how tornadoes dissipate, how to forecast tornadoes, tornado safety and more. Create different tornados by combining different objects and liquids in the storm simulator and program different wind velocities to simulate the different power a tornado can release. Educate your child about these unique, but devastating storms, while they are spending hours of fun learning about and simulating these storms within a controlled environment. Fun Education Experience This is Slinky Science experiment number 146 of a series of science kits that combine the elements of learning and fun to provide hours of educational entertainment. This Tornado Maker is an exciting way for children to learn about these ferocious storms. It simulates the power and fury of a tornado along with literature on how tornados form. Exploratory learning has been proven to improve retention and helps kids focus with a hands-on learning experience. Product's Bells and Whistles The "Control Center" is a knob at the base of the Tornado Maker that can change your tornado from a mild EF1 to a devastating EF5. A viewing window through the storm cloud on top of the simulator provides a unique bird's eye view into the eye of the storm. Sound effects can be activated to provide thunderous rumbles and crackling storm clouds at the touch of a button. What's In The Box? This science kit includes a tornado maker, storm cloud lid, (3) foam models (tractor, pig and cow) and a 29-page fun and facts manual.


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Water, Oil, Food Coloring Experiment

Delaney tries an experiment like Bill Nye and Mr Wheaton

TORNADO in a jar experiment

TORNADO in a jar experiment Remember to just add a small amount of dish soap or it might get to cloudy. The swirling motion you give the jar forms a vortex and is a easy way to create your own tornado. You can add food coloring or glitter to add some awesome tornados. Tornado alley is region in the Central United States where tornados often occur. The states of Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri are in Tornado Alley. The Fujita Scale In 1971 Dr T. Theodore Fujita developed a scale to classify a tornado's speed and potential for damage. Tornados are rated on the Fujita scale after they have passed through an area and damage has been assessed. More information here: SOCIAL NETWORKING » FACEBOOK - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - PINTEREST - HELP! ME TRANSLATE my Videos!! aTdHvAaNnKcSe

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