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Facts about American Apparel and Footwear Association

American Apparel and Footwear Association is a well-recognized group representing world-famous brands, manufacturers, and retailers. It serves as a unified voice to millions of people working in the footwear and apparel industry including managers, shareholders, suppliers and about 4 million workers. AAFA does not only focus on the United States but as well in the whole world.

Renowned members of AAFA include American Eagle Outfitters, DKNY, Jimmy Choo, and many more. These brand names serve as the key decision makers of the group as they work together to improve the work situation in the fashion industry. The products include all kinds of footwear, clothing, and sewn products.

Main Priorities of AAFA

AAFA's role is to provide protection to brands and solutions to fashion-related issues. The leadership revolves around identifying each member's needs and finding a practical and effective solution to such concerns. AAFA has three main priorities namely:

Brand Protection

Intellectual property and brand reputation are two things that AAFA takes seriously. Being a member of the organization enables the brand owners to obtain optimum protection for their products and designs. They also provide guidelines on how to prevent copyright infringement.

The organization encourages brands to hire their own professional designers to ensure that all of their products are unique and like no other. The designer should sign a written contract to ensure that the company's designs are protected. Having an intellectual property during the early stages is also helpful.

Supply Chain

AAFA is also concerned with different aspects related to logistics, chemical management, transportation, and sustainability. Making sure that apparel and footwear are properly labeled according to US standard sizing is their key role.

Social responsibility is another priority of AAFA. It ensures that brands and companies are following rules with regards to restricted chemicals and flammable textile. Best practices are implemented to ensure that workers, as well as customers, are kept safe when using the goods.


Another important role of the AAFA is to assist manufacturers and brands in understanding intricate trade rules. These laws may vary depending on the country or region; hence, legal expertise is necessary. Some rules are unique to a specific country and trading with a business located outside the USA will require that you study such trade regulations to avoid potential legal issues.

AAFA provides a comprehensive information about country profiles. This guide is designed to help manufacturers and traders understand the international laws and requirements when conducting business across borders. These data are accessible only to members of the AAFA.

Why should brands need to become a member of AAFA?

There are many benefits to AAFA membership.

• Get unparalleled support when it comes to copyright infringement and brand protection

• Get access to industry best practices, restricted chemicals, international trade law, and many more

• Establish your brand name as a legit and recognized business across the globe

• Get connected with other brand names

• Avoid legal issues by understanding complex customs compliance and knowing the current industry standards

The AAFA is an organization that helps manufacturers and brand names protect their reputation worldwide. The role of this group is not only to act as a unified voice for all the people working in the apparel and footwear industry but as well as to provide unified information on current news and issues.

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