Making of the Lloyd Coat Wallet

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Making a Pancake Leather Holster with Thumb Break, 1911 Commander

This video demonstrates my process of making a pancake holster for the 4.25" Commander sized 1911 with a thumb break. I start off by making the pattern, including how I dissect the pattern into individual pattern pieces. Then I demonstrate the entire assembly process, from cutting out the leather, to burnishing (admittedly, I didn't burnish this holster to the extent I normally would because I intended this to be my personal holster), sewing, forming, then final finishing, and tweaking the pattern for a slightly tighter fit.


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Making a Leather Cowboy Action Fast Draw Holster and Belt

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Making a Leather Zipper Wallet by Hand

► Use code "YouTube" for 15% off our Leather goods! ► Follow Us On Instagram: Making a Leather Zipper Wallet by Hand I love making zipper wallets our of leather, especially by hand. This leather zipper wallet is handmade using natural vegetable tanned leather, with a brass RiRi zipper and Vinymo threads from Japan. It's very easy to hand sew a zipper into leather using basting tape, though make sure to get a thin cut tape so you don't have to cut the roll in half like I did with this roll! The natural vegetable tanned leather was tanned outside then treated with a bee's wax and neatsfoot cream, then burnished to a shine by hand. The wallet was hand stitched with a saddle stitch, and burnished natural edges were brought to a shine with pure local bee's wax. It's important when you're sewing a zipper into leather to allow enough of a tolerance to sew the zipper tape on the sides of the opening for the zipper in the leather, so make sure not to cut your opening too wide!

Bottle Stopper with a Bee. Resin Art.

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See the wallets here

The design and creation process of the Lloyd Coat wallet has been a long one. Based upon the design of a 1950s wallet owned by Charlie's (our Creative Director) Grandfather, the first and most important part of our job was not to spoil the beautiful lines of the original, but to bring the design up to date, the original having been designed in a world before credit cards or other such things. A design on paper isn't the end of the story though, and the complex shapes and construction had to be brought together into a single beautiful object, with each element adding to the form, as well as the function of the finished piece. The result is a traditional wallet, the largest in our Lloyd series, but sharing the same beautiful curves that run throughout. Each one takes more than a days work to create, with every stitch meticulously done by hand, but we hope as a result will be passed down the generation as was the original the design is based on.

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