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FreeCAD 3D Modeling Tutorial 2: Designing A 3D Printable Model

Download FreeCAD: Download the model and the FreeCAD files: Capture card I use: Check out for cool custom printed products and parts for your 3d printer! Camera Gear I use: Canon EOS M2 DSLR w/ 18-55mm lens: Joby Gorilla Pod: EOS-M Grip: Hot Shoe Handle: Audio Recorder: Social Media: Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Music by: MindlessFate - Sky Punch -

FreeCAD Boolean Cut 3 Ways to Subtract Geometry ( Re-Posted Correct Footage )

3 ways to remove geometry from a FreeCAD part. Part Work Bench Draft Workbench Sketcher Workbench ( Accessed via Part Design ) 00:30 Tip - When your object dis-appears 01:30 Remove Material w/ Sketch 03:10 -- Pocket "Through All" 03:50 -- Don't reverse into thin air. 04:10 Part Workbench Pocket 07:30 Draft Workbench From 07:30 - 08:50 I lost the audio, the activity is pretty obvious and where I pick up I explain the Trim/Extrude a bit.

Placing Parts in FreeCAD

Using currently available tools in FreeCAD to assemble parts. The tools used were Draft Move, Edit Placement, and Edit Alignment. These tools were configured into a custom Toolbar on my Part Workbench for ease of use. As shown, the need of an Assembly Workbench is not necessary to assemble parts in FreeCAD, currently available tools will get the job done. OS: Ubuntu 13.10 Platform: 64-bit Version: 0.14.3166 (Git) Branch: master Hash: e5eecc41dd21ec62f5ab7b12b09305b246ffeca4 Python version: 2.7.5+ Qt version: 4.8.4 Coin version: 4.0.0a SoQt version: 1.5.0 OCC version: 6.7.0

Make your 3D printed part (surface) look awesome! TUTORIAL

My name is Jure Korber and this is my TUTORIAL on how to make smooth and shiny finish on any 3D printed part! My technique involves using: - Sandpaper (200-800) - Spray Filler - Spray Paint It's relatively cheap process that costs few $ per can and you really use a little of it for one part, so overall it's really cheap. You can change color and finish to any of the 3D printed materials, except the very soft and flexible. Overall procedure takes quite some time, but since 3D printing is not the method for mass production, this is the excellent combo! Have fun & leave questions/feedback in the description box below! Links: 3D printed parts: Enclosure: Stinger frame: ---- to be added --- Joshua Bardwell FPV racing tutorials:

Watch this Before You Get Started with SketchUp (2017)

For people just getting started with SketchUp, there are 5 critical concepts that most self-taught SketchUp users don’t take the time to learn. Watch this video to save yourself a bunch of pain. Your future self will thank you!

The Alignment Tool - FreeCAD TurboTute (A series of quick-hit videos on various aspects of FreeCAD.)

This tutorial is an introduction to the alignment tool.
It occured to me that this is a new tool which isn;t immediately obvious to find.
I give a couple of usage examples of the tool and cover most of its functionality at a low level.

Why not have a go for yourself. Experiment and let me know how you get on!

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Target audience - Beginner/Intermediate
Assumed prior knowledge - Basic understanding of FreeCAD and simple commands for manipulating objects and interacting with menus. Watching of previous videos is advised as many earlier concepts are not explained in detail here.

FreeCAD is still under development so make sure you SAVE YOU WORK OFTEN, don't say I didn't warn you!

Software: FreeCAD 0.13 daily build 0784 (Git) running on a 64bit Ubuntu Linux machine.

FreeCAD's home page:

Happy FreeCADing :)

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