FreeCAD 0.17 basics: modelling a blower fan (Part Design & Assembly 3)

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FreeCAD 0 .17 Tutorial : . Design a Knob using Part Design

This shows the entire design of a Knob used to fix things with an inset M8 Nut like we see in many Garden or Tool fixtures. The Video shows basic and advanced sketcher geometry. It also features a Master sketch and robust usage of external geometry in Part Design. Finally it shows the proper export to STL for 3D print in Version 0.17. Target watchers are beginners to moderate users.

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FreeCAD Tutorial Part 1: The Part Workbench

Some friends and acquaintances have asked me how to use FreeCAD to create custom models for 3D printing, so I decided to make a 2 or 3 part tutorial about the different functions of the program for new users. This is my first instructional video; I have been using the program for about 1.5 years and I’ve included concepts in the tutorial that I have learned during that time. Apologies in advance if I have not mentioned any prevalent information in the video; the tutorial is based on my own use of the program. Feedback and comments are welcome, thanks for watching! Part 2: Part Design Workbench: Part 3: Creating/Editing/ Importing Images: Tutorial Part 1: The Part Workbench Intro: 0:00 Creating Primitive Objects: 1:01 Standard Views/Navigation: 2:04 Editing Primitive Objects & Appearance: 4:32 Editing Object Placement/Rotation: 6:32 Toggling Object Visibility/Renaming Objects: 7:20 Boolean Operations: 7:43 Copying/Pasting & Scaling Objects: 11:41 Creating Group Folders: 13:29 Edging Operations: Fillet & Chamfer: 14:07 Time Saving Tip for Multi-Object Rotation: 17:14

Freecad course - screw

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In this video, we design a blower fan with 2 parts, using the Part Design workbench. I talk about mapping sketches to faces and the use of shapebinders. Then I showcase the Assembly3 workbench to make a really simple assembly.

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