10 Trench Coat Outfit Ideas | Women over 40

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TOP 7 AUTUMN / WINTER COATS - Autumn Winter Coat Collection 2018

Top 7 Autumn Winter Coats - My Autumn Winter Coat Collection 2018 Hi everyone, let's talk coats! I'm super fussy each year about the coats I invest into so I wanted to share with you the 7 coat styles I think you should look out for and a look at the one I went for. I truly believe once you find a good coat, you'll have it for years...so it's always worth doing your research. Hope you find this helpful! Erika xx LINKS BELOW: Camel Coat Options: http://bit.ly/2CSHrZS & http://bit.ly/2P30Kad H&M Camel Coat: http://bit.ly/2yx9wSn Reiss Green Faux Fur Coat (Similar options): http://bit.ly/2CPRONU http://bit.ly/2CRoFBS http://bit.ly/2OXhhMG http://bit.ly/2OXObgi Teddy Coat: http://bit.ly/2CRFDAk Similar Option: http://bit.ly/2COoOpQ Black Aviator (Similar): http://bit.ly/2OZh4Zu Similar Option: http://bit.ly/2CQEGbd M&S Classic Black Coat: http://bit.ly/2CPM8n4 Similar Option: http://bit.ly/2P0pgsn Trench Coat (Similar): http://bit.ly/2P041qz Similar Options: http://bit.ly/2CQvx2A & http://bit.ly/2OWDuui Black Leather Jacket (Similar): http://bit.ly/2P0s0FW Similar Option: http://bit.ly/2OUUHEi Pink Leather Jacket: http://bit.ly/2CQEitf Similar Option: http://bit.ly/2CSrOlc MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/retroflame/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/retroflame Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RetroFlameBlog Snapchat: @retroflame1 __________________________________________________ Camera used: http://bit.ly/2uvhY4T Music: Soundcloud/YouTube

How To Look Slimmer/Thinner/Taller

This time I gave my boyfriend to edit video, there are many HIDDEN TIPS on how to look more flattering. Share to care! Video with a curvier model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCO6q... Let´s be friends! Instagram: https://instagram.com/giedre.kavaliun... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/giacavallistyle Blog: http://giacavalli.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/giedre music: We Are One - Vexento editing: My boyfriend

5 Ways To Wear Ankle Boots & Skinny Jeans | Fashion Over 40

I'm SO grateful for your support! Thank you for watching & subscribing. In this video, I feature 5 stylish and simple ways to wear your skinny jeans with ankle boots. Erin xo SUBSCRIBE to my NEWSLETTER here | http://eepurl.com/bedNIr CORRESPONDING BLOG | http://busbeestyle.com/2017/08/16/5-ways-to-wear-skinny-jeans-with-ankle-boots/ CROPPED JEANS (27-inch inseam), $159 | https://rstyle.me/n/ddh94kcb5bp CROPPED JEANS UNDER $100 HERE | http://rstyle.me/n/cre2yw58an RAG & BONE BLACK BOOTIES, $495 (True To Size, Sold Out In Beige) | https://rstyle.me/n/ddh97acb5bp BOOTIES UNDER $100 HERE | http://rstyle.me/n/cre2zu58an RAG & BONE SKINNY JEANS, $133 (Run Large) | http://rstyle.me/n/cre2xw58an DARK BLUE SKINNY JEANS UNDER $100 | http://rstyle.me/n/cre2zn58an SIMILAR WATERPROOF BLONDO MOTO BOOTS, $210 (True to Size) | https://rstyle.me/n/ddh99ncb5bp ALL WATERPROOF BOOTIES HERE | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiaajcb5bp SHOP ALL DISTRESSED JEANS | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiabkcb5bp DISTRESSED JEANS UNDER $100 | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiab2cb5bp NO SHOW SOCKS | http://rstyle.me/n/crfgh258an -----DENIM TRENDS----- *UNDONE HEM* SIMILAR CROPPED JEANS, $147 (TTS) | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiaekcb5bp ALL RAW AND UNDONE HEM JEANS | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiafdcb5bp RAW AND UNDONE HEM JEANS UNDER $100 | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiaftcb5bp *CUFFED JEANS* RAG & BONE SKINNY JEANS, $134 (Runs Large, Size Down, Also Run Short) | http://rstyle.me/n/cqmv7p58an SHOP ALL SKINNY JEANS | http://rstyle.me/n/cq9chg58an ALL SKINNY JEANS UNDER $100 | http://rstyle.me/n/cq9chz58an *SPLIT HEM JEANS* SIMILAR FRAME SPLIT HEM JEANS, $141 | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiai9cb5bp SHOP ALL SPLIT HEM JEANS | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiamicb5bp SPLIT HEM UNDER $100 | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiammcb5bp -----MORE JEAN & DENIM TRENDS----- STEP HEM JEANS, $199 | https://rstyle.me/n/ddianscb5bp CONTRASTING PANEL JEANS, $98 | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiapmcb5bp FRINGE BOTTOM JEANS, $81 | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiaracb5bp MOM JEANS, $70 | https://rstyle.me/n/ddiatscb5bp -----LATELY ON THE BLOG----- MUST HAVE UNDERGARMENTS | http://busbeestyle.com/2017/06/28/bes... STATEMENT SHOES | http://busbeestyle.com/2017/06/20/sta... - CURRENT BEAUTY FAVORITES | http://busbeestyle.com/2017/06/08/bea... - BLUE & WHITE STRIPES | http://busbeestyle.com/2017/05/29/tre... -----CORRESPONDING BLOG----- LINK HERE | http://busbeestyle.com/2017/08/15/5-ways-to-wear-skinny-jeans-with-ankle-boots/ ----- SOCIAL MEDIA ----- INSTAGRAM | http://instagram.com/busbeestyle TWITTER | https://twitter.com/BusbeeStyle FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/erinbusbee PINTEREST | http://www.pinterest.com/busbeestyle/ ---- EMAIL ----- Erin@BusbeeStyle.com ---- EQUIPMENT I USE ----- CAMERA: CANON 80D: http://amzn.to/2lDMHrJ LENS: http://amzn.to/2kIPReh MICROPHONE: http://amzn.to/1EXcaKQ LIGHTING: Natural Light EDITING: Final Cut Pro AFFILIATE LINKS: **I use many affiliate links, which help support my website and the free content. A percentage of the things you buy through my links will go towards supplies to keep “BusbeeStyle TV” up and running. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for your help! Erin xo DISCLOSURE: I use affiliate links. That means IF you buy something through one of my links, I make a small percentage of revenue. Thank you for supporting me and my mission to help make style and shopping simple. ~Erin xo

TRENCH COAT em 5 diferentes situações I Anita Bem Criada

Muita gente espera ansiosamente pelo inverno com o argumento de que nessa estação as pessoas tornam-se mais elegantes e as roupas são mais bonitas. Bom, já eu penso que independente do tempo, todo dia é dia de se descobrir quando o assunto é estilo. Mas não posso negar que quando bate aquele friozinho, as produções tornam-se mais fáceis de serem pensadas e o leque de possibilidades no guarda roupa se abre! Dentre as muitas sobreposições e peças que o inverno oferece, existe o clássico dos clássicos Trench Coat! Inventado no período da primeira guerra mundial para esquentar os soldados nas trincheiras, esse casaco difundiu-se como elemento de estilo através da marca Burberry e até hoje é visto nos mais variados looks invernais! Hoje trago algumas ideias de como usar esse casaco durante a temporada de frio e garantir um visual elegante e estiloso! Vem comigo? https://youtu.be/7miaoyEzl8s Também estou aqui: ♦ instagram: @anitabemcriada ♦ site: www.anitabemcriada.com CAIXA POSTAL: 7171 - CEP 30.160-970 - Belo Horizonte/MG __

How To Transform Outfits for Fall - Basic to Chic | October 2018 | Dearly Bethany

Subscribe for more videos like this! http://bit.ly/DearlyBethanySubscribe My Daily Outfits on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dearlybethany/ How To Transform Outfits for Fall - Basic to Chic | October 2018 0:20 // Outfit 1 // Shirt, Everlane long sleeve XXS https://rstyle.me/n/davpv6ccmfp Pants, Jesse Kamm 0 https://rstyle.me/~a3zgL - Cheaper option https://rstyle.me/n/davwtuccmfp Boots, Nisolo Black Heeled Chelsea TTS 6.5 http://bit.ly/NisoloHeeledChelseaBlack - similar option https://rstyle.me/n/dagvpwccmfp - cheaper option https://rstyle.me/n/dagu3tccmfp Belt by J.Crew https://rstyle.me/n/c8669fccmfp Denim Jacket, Everlane XXS https://rstyle.me/n/davpybccmfp 3:33 // Outfit 2 // Sweatshirt, Kotn XS https://rstyle.me/n/c9iydnccmfp - Similar option https://rstyle.me/n/davw57ccmfp - Cheaper option https://rstyle.me/n/davw77ccmfp Sweatpants, Everlane XS https://rstyle.me/n/davp6qccmfp - Cheaper option https://rstyle.me/n/davw94ccmfp Boots, Everlane TTS 6.5 https://rstyle.me/n/c9crpbccmfp Linen Coat, Etsy XS https://rstyle.me/n/c9m6tmccmfp Purse by Angela Roi http://bit.ly/angela-roi-purse 6:20 // Outfit 3 // Jeans, Similar https://rstyle.me/n/c5ytvcccmfp Tee, Everlane Scoop-Neck XXS https://rstyle.me/n/c79ewgccmfp Boots, Nisolo Black Heeled Chelsea TTS 6.5 http://bit.ly/NisoloHeeledChelseaBlack - similar option https://rstyle.me/n/dagvpwccmfp - cheaper option https://rstyle.me/n/dagu3tccmfp Blazer, J.Crew 4P https://rstyle.me/n/c87cq9ccmfp 2nd Jeans, Re/Done 26 https://rstyle.me/n/c9iynnccmfp - Cheaper option https://rstyle.me/n/davxrdccmfp // Jewelry // Necklace, Pamela Card Kahve 16 in http://bit.ly/PamelaCardKahve Necklace, Pamela Card Aphrodite 22 in https://rstyle.me/n/c6d5q9ccmfp Rings, Nisolo Brass http://bit.ly/NisoloJewelry Watch, Cate & Nelson http://bit.ly/cate-nelson-watch // What I'm Wearing // Turtleneck, Re/Done Bodysuit https://rstyle.me/n/dav5nrccmfp Necklace, Pamela Card Nicaea 18 in https://rstyle.me/n/c6d5r3ccmfp Necklace, Pamela Card Aphrodite 22 in https://rstyle.me/n/c6d5q9ccmfp // Socials // INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/dearlybethany PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/dearlybethany LIKEtoKNOW.it: https://www.liketoknow.it/dearlybethany TWITTER: https://twitter.com/dearlybethany GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/dearlybethany When you shop these items, you are supporting this channel by using the affiliate links. Rarely an item is gifted to me, but I only share the things I love and I kindly decline the rest. Thank you for supporting this channel!

10 Trench Coat Outfit Ideas | Women over 40

Here’s a video with 10 Different Trench Coat Outfits plus 3 bonus looks at the end! All the product details are below…

2 Trench Coats worn throughout

UK Longline Trench Coat http://bit.ly/2MLXgCG
UK Short Trench Coat http://bit.ly/2ONXI9j

US Longline Trench Coat http://bit.ly/2P2dSw4
US Short Trench Coat http://bit.ly/2CW5reE

Earrings http://bit.ly/2zcpQIM
Dupes https://rstyle.me/~auqnv

What I’m Wearing
Look 1
LBD (Similar) http://bit.ly/2OWw5Lm
LBD (similar) http://bit.ly/2P0FUYM
Black Heels https://go.zara/2Ct71nT

Look 2
Black Jeans https://go.zara/2O1MIAh
Leopard Print Top (old)

Look 3
Denim Flares https://go.zara/2OyJBVp
Plaid Shirt http://bit.ly/2CQYmvJ

Look 4
Nude Heels https://go.zara/2PbYhJB
Oversize Turtleneck http://bit.ly/2OMGGbJ

Look 5
White Shirt https://go.zara/2xxEaLg
Leopard Print Belt http://bit.ly/2pjvhkK
Leopard print heels http://bit.ly/2phXoAw
Black Bag http://bit.ly/2pgjkfu

Look 6
Black Knit https://go.zara/2OeqZVJ

Look 7
Stripe Tee http://bit.ly/2OZizqB

Look 8
Snake print Skirt https://go.zara/2POdai6
Bag http://bit.ly/2pgjkfu

Look 9
Grey Knit http://bit.ly/2CPH4Pw

Look 10
Khaki Blouse UK http://bit.ly/2CRUgDJ
Khaki Blouse USA http://bit.ly/2CPabme
Pleated Skirt UK http://bit.ly/2OPl4f0
Pleated Skirt USA http://bit.ly/2RfkCTP

Bonus Looks
Leopard Print Belt
Pencil Skirt http://bit.ly/2pjCGR4
Tan Court Shoes http://bit.ly/2MLEZpc
Check Trousers http://bit.ly/2pjBP2y
White Blouse https://go.zara/2xxEaLg

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