Fixing an old AG Doll!

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FIXING UP AND CUSTOMIZING AN OLD DOLL! (HAIR DYING) here is the newest rendition of fixing up an old doll!! Thank you so much for watching! ----- ForeverAndDollways is an American Girl Doll based channel. I make how-to videos, lifestyle videos, fixing up videos, and much more! I would greatly appreciate it if you would show your support and subscribe! ------ SEND ME MAIL!♡ Heart ForeverAndDollways P.O Box 25567 Rochester, NY 14625 ------ commonly asked questions♡ ➡what camera do you use? In my older videos, I used the Canon EOS Rebel t3i, but now I use the Canon EOS Rebel t6i. ➡how old are you? I am 15. ➡what editing system do you use? I use Wondershare Filmora to edit my videos. ➡will you subscribe to me? I subscribe to channels that I find on my own and that I find interesting and something that I would watch. BUY DOLL POSTERS! ➡ Subscribe here❤ ➡ VLOG CHANNEL: ➡ Here's my website!❤ ➡ Need to contact me? Here's my email.❤ ➡ If you're interested in doing a collab, I'd love to hear your ideas! Social Media❤ Main Instagram ➡ Thanks for your support! See you in my next video! ---------- KEYWORDS: dolls, doll, video, videography, photography, American, girl, foreveranddollways, youtube, channel, ag, agtube, social, media, instagram OUTRO SONG: Song: Heuse & Zeus x Crona - Pill (feat. Emma Sameth) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds: Download: Artists: Heuse & Zeus x Crona & Emma Sameth Other music: by Kevin MacLeod karaokes by Sing King Karaoke:

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If you need to fix up your old AG doll, this video may help you! I go over repainting, skin cleaning, and rewigging.

For anyone wondering, here are the items I used:
-Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
-Acrylic paint (various pink, beige, and brown shades)
-Glazing medium (to thin out the paint and make the application smoother)
-Tacky glue
-AD0008E Wavy Brunette Parting Wig (from ruby red galleria! they have great doll wigs)

This was so much fun and I think she turned out beautiful!

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Music by Kevin Macleod

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