Unsellables - Season 1, Episode 21

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Unsellables - Season 1, Episode 22

Steven and Jocelyne Steven and Jocelyne have been struggling with two mortgages for the past four months… And they just can’t seem to sell their small but charming urban home. The property has plenty of curb appeal, lots of period details, and a great location… But Sofie says the interiors need a serious charm injection. The home is decluttered to the point of being bland, she says. In order to sell the house, Sofie comes up with a $4,400 plan to revive the home’s interiors. Eager to relieve their financial burden, Steven and Jocelyne are on board from the start. And as Anthony and the team create more storage and prep space in kitchen, add charm to the bedrooms, and update the furniture and lighting, Sofie gives the couple a few pointers in real estate.

Unsellables - Season 1, Episode 20

Adam and Christina Not your average suburban couple, Adam and Christina’s edgy and spacious three-bedroom back-split has been on the market for four months… And in spite of the fair price and eight open houses, they haven’t received a single offer. Sofie says the ultra modern décor and funky furnishings are at odds with buyers’ expectations. And since the market is softening, they’ll have to pull out all the stops. In order to better match the home to its neighborhood, Sofie comes up with a $3,900 plan. Eager to move closer to family, Adam and Christina are on board from the start. And as Anthony and the team neutralize the color scheme, expand the kitchen, and refresh the exterior, Sofie gives the couple a crash course in real estate.

Unsellables - Season 1, Episode 23

Emily and Jason Emily and Jason have to sell their two-storey, three-bedroom house before they can make an offer on their dream home. But after three months and a hundred showings, they haven’t received a single bite. Sofie loves the home’s period details and proportions… But says in a buyers’ market, the average interiors, gloomy atmosphere, and student vibe just don’t cut it. In order to stand out from the crowd, Sofie comes up with a $4,100 to transform the home from drab to dynamic. And as Anthony and the team tackle the unsexy master bedroom, refresh the kitchen, and revive some flea market furniture, Sofie gives the couple valuable property insight, and renewed hope that they will finally move on.

Unsellables - Season 1, Episode 24

Rob and Catherine Making a classic string of first-time seller mistakes, Rob and Catherine bought their suburban three-bedroom home just over a year ago, and now they want to move closer to work. They need to turn a profit in order to make it happen, but after a month, things don’t look good. Sofie says the home’s location, price, and huge lot are attractive… But the overall neglect, dated interiors, and numerous dog zones are making a rotten first impression. In order to appeal to young families, Sofie comes up with a plan to update the home. Rob and Catherine are raring to go from the start. And while Anthony and the team get busy painting, revamping the kitchen, and dressing up the home’s exterior, Sofie proves the point that you can’t expect to make a profit unless you improve the property.

Unsellables - Season 3, Episode 3

Toy Takeover With two active children, Kendal and Aaron have outgrown their three-bedroom townhouse. And although they’re desperate to move before Aaron heads overseas on a tour of duty, the home has been on the market for two whole years and they’re still waiting for a buyer! Property expert Sofie Allsopp steps in with a plan to transform the overgrown family property into a contemporary home for young professionals. And she gets the entire family involved in revamping the overcrowded interiors, over-the-top wall colors and charm-free living room.


House poor with more space than she needs, Kristina listed her three-storey, three-bedroom detached home three months ago. And although the interiors are immaculate, she hasn’t received a single offer since. Kristina is perplexed… But Sofie says the property’s ramshackle exterior, rusty fixtures, and overgrown hedge are the problem.

In order to appeal to as broad a range of buyers as possible, Sofie comes up with a $3,700 plan to seal the deal. Ready to move on with her life, Kristina is on board from the get go. And as Anthony and the team improve the home’s curb appeal, repair the sunroom, and re-accessorize the interior, Sofie gives Kristina a few quick lessons in real estate.

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