The Essence of Team

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REISS: This Is Our Story

From a single store in London in 1971 to over 100 worldwide locations today, Reiss has carved out its place in the global fashion landscape. But where did it all begin? ‘This Is Our Story’ traces Reiss’ journey through the years, right from the very start. See more from the brand over at WWW.REISS.COM

I Am Reiss: The People Behind The Brand

Capturing the essence of the Reiss culture, I Am Reiss explores what it means to work at Reiss and takes you on a journey through the business, from the design room to the shop floor and beyond. Meet members of the team, hear a little about their working day and learn what motivates them on a daily basis.

The fashion of 'When Calls the Heart'

Going back to the 1910s doesn't mean that fashion has to be sacrificed! Here the show's costume designer and cast take us behind-the-scenes and discuss anything from corsets to wide-brim hats - to that iconic mountie uniform. Sometimes the outfit DOES make the man. 1910s fashion is inspiring our modern looks too. Leave us a comment below with some of the 1910s influences you're seeing...! "When Calls the Heart" is coming to Canada's Super Channel this Spring!

TATONKA | The Story And People Behind The Bison Brand (Part I - Family Life)

Click here and experience the outdoor brand TATONKA! Find out more about the project 'Open Factory': TATONKA on Facebook: TATONKA on Instagram: TATONKA on Twitter: Jan Loschinski, Product Manager: It took us a few years to really engage with the idea of using an animal as our leitmotif. As we started moving away from the marketing story, which it is of course, we began to ask ourselves: What does the bison actually stand for? And if you study this animal, attributes like stubbornness, a massive presence, tranquility, stability come to our mind. The big Boss is kind of stubborn, he’s just standing there, at least back then when he was still active, and we could identify with it more and more. And we’re not trying to be mainstream – of course you have to follow trends and to try to influence them – but of course we are a conservative company, no question about it: we are very traditional, some might say almost unexciting, but this is also something very positive, that sometimes we say: We're going to sit this one out. And some of the dealers understand that what we are trying to do is actually a good thing. We are efficient and highly responsive, and that’s because this is a family business. On the one hand, Andreas is the boss, but also he bears full responsibility, and that’s the 'family' part of the business. And here in Bavaria this is still valued; a handshake counts here. Of course we argue sometimes and we don't always agree with the boss – that's just not possible - but in our company the employees take on responsibility, too. We have a common goal, which sounds a bit grandiose, but it's not only the paycheck, but everything else that goes with it that defines this spirit. Andreas Schechinger, CEO: It's true that long-term employees are always good for a company, regardless of what kind of company it is. Today there's far too much hire-and-fire and job-hopping and people forget that it takes time in every company to understand the business. If you look at companies listed on the stock exchange, they all strive for standardization, so they can hire and fire staff as quickly as possible for every possible activity. We have people who have been with the company for a long time, and who bring a certain level of experience with them, and who know how things work. I also think that this wealth of experience is often ignored because statistics just say: so and so many days in the company, so many hours, et cetera, and all the soft facts an employee brings to the table – how he gets involved, how committed he is, how he gets things done – efficiently or inefficiently – these things can’t be measured with statistics alone. I think for us this long-term involvement is an important part of our current success. As a family company, we have consistently reinvested in the business because we believe more in ourselves than in others, and that’s why we reinvest what we have earned into the further development of the company with a clear conscience. This is simply how a family-owned company does things. In the final analysis, I bear full responsibility because everything that my father and I have earned is in this company. The company is our future, and the brand is our future, and that is why we will keep doing things the same way. Click here and experience the outdoor brand TATONKA! #tatonka #outdoor #travel

One Band, One Sound … The Essence of Teamwork HD


The Essence of Team short film provides an insight into the values which define the success of the Reiss team. See just some of the individuals who – through their diverse talents – form a unique part of our business.

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