repair replace broken zipper slide

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எப்படி கழண்டு போன ஜிப் ரன்னரை ஒரு நிமிடத்தில் போடுவது ? Ho...

Putting zip runner back on track is not an easy task. Sometimes you have to replace the zip itself... But follow this easy method and you are done in few minutes... Household tips and hacks that will make your daily life easy and enthusiastic are explained in a clear way. Whenever you have any doubt ASK Jhansi how to do. Videos will come in order as one or two videos per day. Questions asked are answered with the help of experts in the niche and different playlists are created for easy reference like beauty tips in Tamil, health tips in Tamil, kitchen tips in Tamil, household tips in Tamil, travel tips in Tamil and knowledge base with general facts in Tamil Great tips to follow in day to day life Greater tasks are explained in simple methods, Greatest technique video base ever in youtube in Tamil and still growing... Check out our recipes in our cooking channel


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Fork Trick to Put Zipper Heads On

Fast way to put zipper pulls on zipper tape with a fork as your 3rd hand.


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