Jurassic Park The Ride River Adventures Front Seat (HD POV) Universal Studios Hollywood

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EPCOT Test Track FULL Ride POV Disney World Epcot, Florida

Check out This HD POV of Test Track at Disney's Epcot at Walt Disney World (WDW) in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Test Track is an attraction at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, sponsored by General Motors The ride is a simulated excursion through the rigorous testing procedures that General Motors uses to evaluate its vehicles, culminating in a high-speed drive around the exterior of the attraction. Test Track opened to the public on December 19, 1998 after a long delay due to problems revealed during testing and changes to the ride design. It had many opening dates that it missed, such as May 1997 and August 1998. It replaced the World of Motion, though it uses the same ride building. It did not receive its official grand opening until March 17, 1999. Guests ride in futuristic "test vehicles" in a GM "testing facility" and are taken through a series of assessments to illustrate how automobile prototype evaluations are conducted. The highlight of the attraction is a speed trial on a track around the exterior of the Test Track building at a top speed of 65 miles per hour (104.6 km/h) on a 50-degree banked curve, making it the fastest Disney theme park attraction ever built, next to California Screamin', Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Tokyo DisneySea's Journey to the Center of the Earth (which uses an improved version of Test Track's ride system). The ride remains powered up 20 or more hours a day, due to lengthy start up times and nightly maintenance. During the entering of the queue, guest view a sample repair and test shop. As guests enter the queue in the welcome center they are shown tests performed on cars and parts before they are released. The queue winds past different tests for tires, car doors, an anechoic chamber for radio receivers, and an area for crash test dummies to be tested. At the end of the queue a group of guests are brought into a briefing room where they are shown automobile testing facilities and examples of tests being performed. The host, Bill McKim ( John Michael Higgins ) tells the guests that they will take part in some of these tests and tells the technician Sherrie what tests to set up. Small videos of each test are shown as he speaks. He finally tells her to choose one final "surprise test," and a video of a car crashing into a barrier is shown as a door is opened for guests to enter the interior queue. Upon reaching the end of this second queue guests are loaded into the test cars to begin. Upon dispatching from the loading dock, the car is brought through an accelerated hill climb. Next, the car's suspension is tested over different road surfaces, including bricks and cobblestones. Next, the car's anti-lock braking system is turned off and the car tries to navigate a course of cones, knocking many over in the process. The anti-lock brakes are then turned back on and a similar cone course is navigated easily. Guests are shown a video overlay of the difference. Next, the cars are brought through environmental chambers: a hot chamber of 110°F (43°C), a cold chamber of 10°F (-13°C), and a corrosion chamber. The nozzles on the corrosion robots are actually Hidden Mickeys. The handling of the car is tested next. It climbs a set of hills with blind turns while increasing its speed each time. At the top the car almost crashes into an oncoming semi-truck before swerving out of the way. The car is now on the final test shown in the briefing room: the barrier test. The car lines up across from a barrier and begins to accelerate towards it. Just before hitting the barrier a series of flashes occur, where a picture of the guests is taken, and the barrier opens to a track outside. The car takes a lap around the building with banked turns and a max speed of 65 mph (104.6 km/h). As the car returns to the loading dock a thermal scan is taken of the guests and shown on a large screen. Like many Disney attractions, Test Track exits into a themed gift shop featuring merchandise associated with the attraction. Guests can also view and purchase photos taken of their vehicle on the ride or scan their Photopass to view or purchase the photos later. There is also an area where there is a showroom of all new, prototype, or legendary GM vehicles.

California Screamin Train Mount (HD POV) California Adventure

This here is the ****** BEST ****** POSSIBLE ****** MOUNTED ****** video or just in general the ****** BEST ****** video of California Screamin at Disney's California Adventureso enjoy. This is video where my camera was mounted to the front of the train on California Screamin at Disney's California Adventure. I had done one of these before but it wasn't as good because the last one I didnt get it mounted quick enough and the ride had already started. Also my mount before was just a big so I did have to hold it for the whole ride. Also you heard me say hold this for the ride and people thought I was just holding something the whole ride which seemed like it wasn't mounted....... BLAH BLAH BLAH...... ANYWAYS........ This was done on Febuary 29, 2012 to celebrate One More Disney Day for Leap Year. This is also after the refurb of California Screamin which when they redid the loop its more narrower now and not as round and the forces are much greater then befor as they do not slow you down before the loop or at least they didnt when I went on it. Business Contact: deathbyillusion@live.com Fan Mail: deathbyillusion@live.com Support, Questions, Concerns, and Copyright issues: deathbyillusion@live.com Check Out Our Other Channel Http://www.youtube.com/user/CoasterSpot My Website: http://www.CoasterSpot.com Follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/deathbyillusion Add me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/deathbyillusion Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Deathbyillusion/194050530618166 Add me on Dailybooth: http://www.dailybooth.com/deathbyillusion Add me on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/deathbyillusion Call me and leave me a message on SayNow by calling 801-821-5456 or by going to: http://www.saynow.com/deathbyillusion Fan Mail To: P.O. Box 104 Clearfield Utah, 84089 United States Also be sure to subscribe to my channel and rate 5 stars/thumbs up and comment on my video thanks

Singapore River Safari Amazon River Quest

Singapore River Safari, Amazon River Quest.

The Walking Dead Attraction Low Light (HD POV) Universal Studios Hollywood

www.ClickToTweet.com/ Enter the post-apocalyptic world of AMC's "The Walking Dead". Prepare to fight for survival in a fully immersive journey as you navigate through a world overrun by hungry walkers. Follow in the footsteps of the human survivors as you battle your way through nightmarish iconic landscapes that bring the most popular cable TV show in history to life! Thanks to "MyAwkwardLife" for providing the social media animations for my outro. Support Me On Patreon Here ►►https://www.patreon.com/Deathbyillusion Business Contact: ►►deathbyillusion@live.com Support, Questions, Concerns, and Copyright issues: deathbyillusion@live.com Second channel: ►► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbFKxZJXzDL2twj7GlFOg2w Check Out Our Other Channel ►►http://www.youtube.com/user/ThemeParkAccess My Website: ►► http://www.Deathbyillusion.com Follow me on Twitter ►►http://www.twitter.com/Deathbyillusion Add me on Facebook: ►►http://www.facebook.com/Deathbyillusion Facebook Fan Page: ►►http://www.facebook.com/DeathbyillusionFanPage Add me on Myspace: ►►http://www.myspace.com/deathbyillusion Add Me On Google Plus: ►►http://www.plus.google.com/1041821208... Send Mail To: ►►DEATHBYILLUSION MEDIA P.O. BOX 6821 BUENA PARK CALIFORNIA 90622 UNITED STATES Also be sure to subscribe to my channel and rate 5 stars/thumbs up and comment on my video thanks!

【HD】 USJ 高画質★ジュラシックパーク・ザ・ライド Jurassic Park The Ride★

Osaka Universal Studios Japan ★Jurassic Park The Ride★ Front row onride POV 1993年に映画化した「ジュラシックパーク」のアトラクションです。 スティーヴン・スピルバーグの過去最高作品といわれています。 恐竜系に興味ある方、オススメです。 ※撮影時、安全を考え落下防止対応済です。

This is a Front Seat (HD POV) of Jurassic Park The Ride River Adventures at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California.

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