Tough Guy Ant Middleton Puts Kem Through Training - SAS Style! πŸ™ˆ| Kem Cuts Episode 4

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Phillip Schofield and Kem on Turkish Cologne, Morning Routines and Hair Dye! | Kem Cuts Episode #02

In this episode, Kem welcomes Phillip Schofield to the chair and gets his hands on those legendary silver locks for Phil’s last cut before appearing back on This Morning from his summer holidays... β€˜Kem Cuts’ is a new web series by Kem Cetinay, as he goes back to what he does best….cutting hair. SUBSCRIBE here: Follow Kem on socials: INSTAGRAM: @kemcetinay TWITTER: @kemcetinay


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Ex-Special forces tough guy Ant Middleton doorsteps Kem in his pyjamas in bad need of a haircut!

Kem tells Ant about his love for his pet rabbit 'Lucky', shows him his dance moves and gets a workout in dog poo!

β€˜Kem Cuts’ is a new web series by Kem Cetinay, as he goes back to what he does best….cutting hair.


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