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How To Unblock Yourself From Others Whatsapp Account | How To Chat Even IF Somebody BLOCKED You ..

How To Unblock Yourself From Others Whatsapp Account | How To Chat Even IF Somebody BLOCKED You .. Sorry For the inconvenience .. the 1st method is not working now after the new update of WhatsApp .. it was a bug and they fixed it .. please use the second Method .. or else .. you will end up loosing your chat and data, without any benefit .. Thank you Unblock yourself on WhatsApp for sometime to chat with somebody on whatsapp even if He/She BLOCKED YOU ON WhstaApp If your Girlfriend or Boyfriend blocked you on whatsapp and you want to chat with him/her then here is a way that able you to chat with your friend for sometime and it only depend upon your chatting It is like you will be able yo unblock yourself on whatsapp for sometime and if you succeed in this trick then you will gt permanently unblocked on whatsapp You can get this small time of unblocking millions of time and you can also able to chat with yourself and if you will able to convince him/her and save yourself from blocking again then you will be able to get unblock on whatsapp for whole life till he/she again block you so if you want to know what is the method to chat with somebody on whatsapp if he/she blocked you or how to unblock yourself from others whatsapp account then use this trick NOW !!! Be my Friend on :- Facebook :- Twitter :- Instagram :- Google Plus :- thanks for watching ... Share | Support | Subscribe ...

🔥Best Apps to Modify Android Mobile | ANDROID SUPERSTARS

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ஆண்ட்ராய்டு ஐ அசத்தலான இமேஜ் எடிட்டர்

HOW TO REMOVE UNWANTED OBJECTS IN IMAGE USEFUL EDITOR | Download Link :- Link :- ஆண்ட்ராய்டு ஐ அசத்தலான இமேஜ் எடிட்டர் ..போட்டோ வில் இருக்கும் தேவையில்லாத ஆடை மற்றும் பொருட்கள், ஆட்களை ஒரு கிளிக் இல் தத்ரூபமாக நீக்க வேண்டுமா... இதை பாருங்கள் நண்பர்களே... ♥▬▬▬▬▬▬SHARE▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♥ 💯 Telegram group :-🔥 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

wifi ka password kaise pata kare || How To Know WiFi Password in hindi

namaskarkar dosto is video main maine apko bataya hai ki kisi ke bhi || wifi ka password kaise jane || dosto yeh video sirf gyaan ke tor par bnayi gayi hai gar kabhi aap apne wifi ka password bhool jaye to usko pta kar sakte hai is trick ka galat istemal na kare agar apko meri yeh video achi lagge to is video ko like or hamare channel pure desi tech subscribe karna na bhulle.. dhanyawad Hey Guys This video not support to hacking this video education purpose only if you forgot Wifi Router Password, Dont Reset Wifi Router, You Find Your Wifi Password in Your Android Device Google Plus :- BACKGROUND MUSIC:- SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR by Jason Shaw Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 United States— CC BY 3.0 US Music provided by Audio Library -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to delete my facebook account permanently immediately | facebook account ko kaise band kare" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Topic Cover how to hack wifi password without root how to hack wifi password on iphone how to hack wifi password on android phone how to hack wifi password in hindi how to hack wifi without password how to find wifi password on android phone how to find wifi password on iphone how to find wifi password in your android device how to see the wifi password on any android phone how to find any wifi password with mobile in hindi

Know about SIM card | SIM used in Mobile phone

Subscribe us Know about SIM Card Introduction SIM stands for subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module, is an integrated circuit that securely stores the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and the related key used to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices. It also contains its unique serial number (ICCID), security authentication and ciphering information, temporary information related to the local network. History The first SIM card was made in 1991 by Munich smart-card maker Giesecke & Devrient. The SIM was initially specified by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute in the specification with the number TS 11.11. This specification describes the physical and logical behaviour of the SIM. With the development of UMTS the specification work was partially transferred to 3GPP. Design Modern SIM cards allow applications to be loaded when the SIM is in use by the subscriber. These applications communicate with the handset or a server using SIM application toolkit. The operating voltage of the majority of SIM cards launched before 1998 was 5 V. SIM cards produced subsequently are compatible with 3 V and 5 V. Formats SIM cards have been made smaller over the years, functionality is independent of format. Full-size SIMs were followed by mini-SIMs, micro-SIMs, and nano-SIMs. Full size SIM has the size of a credit card (85.60 mm × 53.98 mm × 0.76 mm). The mini-SIM card has the same contact arrangement as the full-size SIM card and is normally supplied within a full-size card carrier, attached by a number of linking pieces. The micro-SIM was designed for backward compatibility. The major issue for backward compatibility was the contact area of the chip. Retaining the same contact area allows the micro-SIM to be compatible with the prior, larger SIM readers through the use of plastic cutout surrounds. The SIM was also designed to run at the same speed (5 MHz) as the prior version. The nano-SIM card was introduced on 11 October 2012, when mobile service providers began selling it in various countries. The nano-SIM' measures 12.3 × 8.8 × 0.67 mm and reduces the previous format to the contact area while maintaining the existing contact arrangements. A small rim of isolating material is left around the contact area to avoid short circuits with the socket. The 0.67 mm thickness of the nano-SIM is about 12% less than the 0.76 mm of its predecessor. SIM and carriers The SIM card introduced a new and significant business opportunity for MVNOs — mobile virtual network operators — who lease capacity from one of the network operators rather than owning or operating a cellular telecoms network, and only provide a SIM card to their customers.

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