Drunken Gaming - NHL 2018 - VS Blacksunshine

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The Final Countdown, Peeves, and Charities live Vlog

I'm going to work on doing more weekly live chats, this weeks chat it involves the final Countdown to the legalization of Cannabis, A few pet peeves, and why I enjoy helping certain Charities out! As well I might talk about Halloween, The emergency landing that America Airlines had on Thursday, and upcoming events.

Booze Reviews - Episode 304 - Beernog!

*Disclaimer* Not all of the beer was sacrificed in this video! Welcome to Beernog.. and Idea that I saw on the Fermentation projects Instagram page and I had to try. Yes, I did use a Imperial Stout which is amazing, but hell This is a video for entertainment purposes, and partially review purposes :) IN other words I had fun making this.

Booze Reviews - Ep. 308 - Spectrum Brewing - White Chocolate Stout

This sounded good in theory....

Booze Reviews - Ep. 306 - Twin Sails and Dandy Brewing - Bad Sally

Man when I heard they were doing this beer, IN BC, and I'd have to beg borrow and steal (I didn't really I just found it) I Had to have this, I even had to ask Adam to see if he can find me any! That being said I felt bad I made him look for it while he was working in BC, so I am joined by Joe and Adam from Brews n' Games and I shared this with them! While I was getting my ass handed to me in Mario Party AND Mario Kart!

Booze, and Reviews... what else would you ask for in life? OK Maybe a lot of money too! Love to do collaborations with other You Tubers while drinking! Live Streams, Shorts, Booze by the BBQ's.. so much to drink and only one liver to do it on! Cheers!

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