FreeCAD 0.17 Tutorial on: Shapebinder, Datum Geometry, Named References, Master Sketch

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FreeCAD 0.17 basics: modelling a blower fan (Part Design & Assembly 3)

In this video, we design a blower fan with 2 parts, using the Part Design workbench. I talk about mapping sketches to faces and the use of shapebinders. Then I showcase the Assembly3 workbench to make a really simple assembly.

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10 Things You Didn't Know Inventor Could Do

I deliver Inventor training every other month, and I am always amazed how much Inventor training students are able to pick up on their own, prior to class. But during each class these students often discover a command or feature they did not know about. They often ask, "How long has that feature been available?" Or they say "If I had only known Inventor could do that!" This Tech Tip covers the top 10 things that Inventor can do that surprise my students during class. Put another way, 10 things You Didn't Know Inventor Could Do. The List • Drawing an Arc with the Line Command • Creating an Offset Workplane with the Sketch Command • Placing Multiple Parts in an Assembly • Using Free Rotate on Multiple Components • Alt Drag Method for Adding Assembly Constraints • Copy / Paste with the Assembly Browser • Continuous Orbit • Minimum Distance Between Two Components • Save and Replace Components • Removing a Background Color from a Decal • Bonus Tip – Changing the Depth of a Perspective View

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Freecad course - screw

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This Tutorial is based on a 3D Print Thing construction where i expose the "Best Practice Way" from several Forum discussions on how to create robust 3D Designs in PART DESIGN , avoiding Problems with "Toplogical Naming" which can lead to unstable projects when sketching on faces of features. I am using a simple part to explain how you can worka with a master sketch , use named constraints from it , use references to sketches instead of faces etc..

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