FreeCAD 0.17 Tutorial on: Shapebinder, Datum Geometry, Named References, Master Sketch

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FreeCAD Tutorial - Zeichnungsableitung eines Bauteils mit Bemaßung

Das Tutorial zeigt, wie in FreeCAD eine Zeichnungsableitung inkl. Bemaßungen (Ansichten, Schnitte, Detailansichten) mit der TechDraw Workbench erstellt werden kann. Als Beispiel dient ein einfaches Bauteil, dessen Modellierung mit Part Design ebenfalls gezeigt wird. FreeCAD ist kostenlos & Open Source:

What's New in Fusion 360 October 2018 Update

In this update, we've moved generative into its own workspace, added derive capabilities, and have tons of CAM updates to report. To read all about the new enhancements check out the Fusion 360 blog: ►GET STARTED | FREE TRIAL | SUBSCRIBE | CONNECT WITH US: INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER |

FreeCAD 3D Modeling Tutorial 4: ATX Power Supply Mount + Pyramid

Download the model / FreeCAD file here: Just want to buy the power supply bracket click here!: ATX Power Supply dimensions: Click here to support the channel on Patreon!!! Check us out on Social Media: Minds: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:\ Music by: Frame Away -

3D Modeling & Design – Do you REALLY need a Xeon and Quadro??

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Fusion 360 Pattern - How To Be Lazy and Get More Done

Recorded video on Fusion 360 Pattern Feature. The Topic: Should you manually recreate content, copy and paste or use the feature pattern? I show how to save time with the pattern feature, how to remove instances you dont want, which solver to choose and how to make edits. Be sure to check out my other Fusion 360 tutorials! ****PLAYLIST**** Love your feedback and comments!! Try Fusion360 for Free! SUBSCRIBE! LET'S CONNECT: linkedin Twitter Facebook What Fusion 360 tutorials would you like to see? What beginner content for Fusion 360 would be most helpful? Autodesk Fusion 360 is a powerful CAD solution that leverages cloud technology making it easier to install, learn and work with others.

This Tutorial is based on a 3D Print Thing construction where i expose the "Best Practice Way" from several Forum discussions on how to create robust 3D Designs in PART DESIGN , avoiding Problems with "Toplogical Naming" which can lead to unstable projects when sketching on faces of features. I am using a simple part to explain how you can worka with a master sketch , use named constraints from it , use references to sketches instead of faces etc..

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