Concrete Resurfacing

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Easy Patio project

DIY with cobblestone mold Designer Epoxy

For more information or to purchase products visit Designer Epoxy Floor Installation Use Designer Epoxy (EP-E100) from Epoxy Plus ( to create these one of a kind dynamic floors. Epoxy Plus Designer Metallic Epoxy is a three component, high performance modified cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete floor coating system. Its epoxy chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics. Typically applied at a 20 mil think single coat (75 SF/gal). This dynamic blend does not require activator to be sprayed on the surface to obtain a uniquie and highly decorative look. Specially formulated to give the installer superior working time so that even one person can install one of these designer metallic epoxy floors by themselves as demonstrated in this video. Use for commercial, residential or industrial applications. Makes an awesome one of a kind garage floor. ADVANTAGES Essentially odorless • Create dynamic, exotic look • ZERO VOC • High gloss, & color stability • Low Viscosity • Long pot life & working time • Chemically resistant • No amine blush • Modified to to be highly ambering resistance For more information and to purchase products go to

Impressively skilled bricklayers, Vault contruction.

Vaults and domes construction using bricks, 8 hours of work summarized in 12 minutes watch the full playlist here: / Mixture of the cement: Building a Catalan vault, from start to finish, and finished catalog. Telefono celular / Phone number in Mexico, Cell phone (Mexico) Bricklayer Carlos Martinez (spanish only) +52-441-189-6746 Other Coleman Victor (English speaking) +524141017265

ЧАСТЬ 1: Садовая дорожка (тротуарная плитка) своими руками | PART 1: Handmade garden walkway

Где Купить Форму для плиток: *** Обзоры дешевых детских игрушек с Aliexpress. Игрушки от 1$ Reviews of cheap toys from Aliexpress. Toys from 1$. *** Ещё много интересных вещей для дачи и дома *** Искуственный газон - Садовый Фонтан на солнечной батарее - *** More interesting things for a summer residence and at home *** Realistic Simulation Lawn Green Artificial Grass Mat - Solar Garden Fountain - ------------ Смотрите еще | Watch more ------------ ЧАСТЬ 1: Садовая дорожка (тротуарная плитка) своими руками PART 1: Handmade garden walkway (eng sub) ЧАСТЬ 2: Садовая дорожка (тротуарная плитка) своими руками PART 2: Handmade garden walkway (eng sub) ЧАСТЬ 3: Садовая дорожка своими руками - плавный поворот PART 3: DIY Concrete walkway - smooth turn ЧАСТЬ 4: Садовая дорожка своими руками - Подрезка PART 4: Handmade walkway - tile cropping ЧАСТЬ 5: Садовая дорожка (плитка) после 2-х зим PART 5: Condition of garden path after 2 winters ЧАСТЬ 6: Садовая дорожка - ошибки и советы PART 6: Handmade walkway - mistakes and tips ЧАСТЬ 7: Садовая дорожка - защита от воды PART 7: Handmade garden walkway - water protection -------------------------------------------------------- Часть 1 - подготовка Как делать садовую бетонную дорожку использую форму для заливки. В этом видео показана подготовка основания и установка самой формы. Перед началом форму необходимо смазать внутри маслом чтобы потом легче было снимать. Также выравнивание формы под уровень с небольшим выступом вверх на пару миллиметров. По желанию на дно формы можно засыпать немного щебня или битого камня. Для большей жесткости можно еще изготовить арматуру из толстой проволоки или прутиков и также уложить её на дно формы. __________________ Part 1 - preparation How to build a walkway using a mold to fill. This video shows the preparation and installation of the grounds and the mold. Before start, mold shuld be lubricated with oil in order to make it easier to remove later. Align the mold to the level of a small ledge up a couple of millimeters. The bottom of the mold can be filled with a bit of gravel or broken stone. For greater stiffness you can make armature of thick wire or twigs, and also put it on the bottom of the mold. #СадоваяДорожка

Self Consolidated Concrete (SCC) Demo - Woodstock Outdoor Farmshow (CFBA)

SCC is a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that spreads into place, and fills formwork without any mechanical consolidation. SCC is specified for both horizontal and vertical applications. It can be used for slabs, elevated decks, ultrathin floors (typically used in condo projects), radiant flooring, and repair toppings/overlays. In vertical applications, SCC is used for walls, new columns and repairs to columns and bridge decks. This is a video of a demonstration at the 2006 Woodstock Outdoor Farmshow. The Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario has a new online calculator to help developers, designers, contractors or anyone purchasing concrete for large projects determine when self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is more cost-effective than conventional concrete (

This video shows all the steps involved in resurfacing concrete with a stencil pattern.

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