FreeCAD Tutorial Part 8 Sweep and Loft Utility

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FreeCAD Tutorial Part 7 Array Utility

This tutorial shows the construction of an audio knob in reverse. Most important in this tutorial is the use of the array utility that is hidden in the Draft Workbench. Arrays are extremely useful for anything that repeats itself, whether it´s in the X,Y or Z direction, or rotated around an axis in 3D space.

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The Best Free CAD Program - DesignSpark Mechanical

Support me on Patreon! This is DesignSpark Mechanical, and it is the best free CAD program that I have personally used. Many of the free CAD alternatives are clunky and hard to use, DesignSpark is the first one that truly impressed me. So download it, and give it a try! I want to know what you guys think about it, let me know in the comments below! -Christopher Hoffman #HoffmanEngineering #3DPrintingHoffman #MakeCoolStuffHoffman #3DPrinting #DIY #FDM #Makers #Making #ResinPrinting #Engineering #Patreon #CAD #3DScanning #Awesome

SSD Life Expectancy

SSDs have limited program/erase or P/E cycles. In this video I discuss the life expectancy of SLC, eMLC, MLC and TLC drives, as well as covering wear levelling, over provisioning, and TBW, PWB and DWPD endurance ratings. Note that the data presented in this video was obtained from a great many sources, including all major SSD manufacturers, and was up-to-date as of 25 March 2017. Note also that the second SSD listed in the table of client SSDs at c.6:41 is a Samsung 850 Pro, not a Sandisk 850 Pro (which does not exist). Sorry! :) If you enjoy this video, you may also be interested in the following: Explaining M.2 SSDs: Hard Drive Life Expectancy: The Death of the Hard Drive: Migrating to an SSD: More videos on computing-related topics can be found at: You may also like my ExplainingTheFuture channel at:

Placing Parts in FreeCAD

Using currently available tools in FreeCAD to assemble parts. The tools used were Draft Move, Edit Placement, and Edit Alignment. These tools were configured into a custom Toolbar on my Part Workbench for ease of use. As shown, the need of an Assembly Workbench is not necessary to assemble parts in FreeCAD, currently available tools will get the job done. OS: Ubuntu 13.10 Platform: 64-bit Version: 0.14.3166 (Git) Branch: master Hash: e5eecc41dd21ec62f5ab7b12b09305b246ffeca4 Python version: 2.7.5+ Qt version: 4.8.4 Coin version: 4.0.0a SoQt version: 1.5.0 OCC version: 6.7.0

Sweep and Loft are two tools that can make interesting curvy shapes. I explored them for you in this tutorial. Using them can fully exploit your artistic talents for creating great looking designs.

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