FreeCAD Tutorial Part 8 Sweep and Loft Utility

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FreeCAD Tutorial Part 7 Array Utility

This tutorial shows the construction of an audio knob in reverse. Most important in this tutorial is the use of the array utility that is hidden in the Draft Workbench. Arrays are extremely useful for anything that repeats itself, whether it´s in the X,Y or Z direction, or rotated around an axis in 3D space.

FreeCAD 0.16 (5484) : Manifdd

FreeCAD 0.16 (5484) : Manifdd English version (英語版) スイープとシェルを使用してます。

Tutorial de Freecad (26/40): Extrusión por trayectoria Serie de tutoriales sobre la herramienta libre de diseño 3D Freecad. La extrusión no sólo se puede hacer lineal y axialmente, sino que también a lo largo de una trayectoria definida, lo que nos permite hacer fácilmente tuberías con curvas, railes, surcos, etc.

The Best Free CAD Program - DesignSpark Mechanical

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FreeCAD - Sweep ( 3 ways to use the Sweep tool )

A short demonstration on using the FreeCAD sweep tool from the parts workbench. I demonstrate how to use the tool on Draft, Sketch and Parametric Geometries. I show a little how to use a sweep path multiple times and how to change the junctions.

Sweep and Loft are two tools that can make interesting curvy shapes. I explored them for you in this tutorial. Using them can fully exploit your artistic talents for creating great looking designs.

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