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Cole-Haan Restoration

The world's finest shoes handmade in Budapest

Custom-made shoes, expertly manufactured by hand, have since become a rarity - but by no means an extinct specimen.

Rusty Pocket Knife Restoration

I was enjoy this restoration project. Its came out looking good. If you like the video, please smash that like button. Thank you for watching. Soon coming the next video. Peace.

Hand Forged Damascus Ring

Second attempt at making damascus steel by hand, this time forging 1070 high carbon and mild steel from the scrap bin to make a ring. First weld went decently without any delamination or cracks between the layers, second weld after the hot cut at 3:05 didn't worked that well... Not sure about the cause, maybe the scales or the heat, would have been better if I repeated the cleaning and stick welding process instead of trying it hot. Next time! Pretty sure is not a problem for the use of this damascus, it survived the quench without falling apart, enough for me and I still love the end result! Index of operation and materials: 0:04 Mild steel 0:07 1070 high carbon steel 0:11 Grinding faces to bare metal with 2x72 and hand held magnet 0:51 Cleaning with acetone and stacking alternating 1070 and mild steel 1:17 Stick welding, rebar piece as handle 1:41 Coke forge 1:52 Borax flux 3:05 Hot cutting almost all the way 3:18 Folding in half adding borax 3:48 Grinding to clean metal (normalized off camera) 4:27 Rough size with wrench 4:37 Metal cutting band saw 5:00 Marking material to remove with compass (center punched off camera) 5:10 Drilling out most of the material up to the biggest drill bit I have 5:50 Grinding excess material off with grinding bit on the drill press 6:35 Grinding outer diameter on 2x72 by eye 7:20 Spinning the ring in a drill makes for a decently consistent od 7:57 Sanding up to 1000 grit on the belt grinder 8:20 Bolt with a notch to hold sandpaper and sand inner diameter up to 1000 grit 8:53 Hardening to improve pattern contrast, heating with map gas torch and quenching in oil 9:26 Sanging again every surface up to 1000 grit 9:37 Etching in ferric chloride, three cycles of 10 min each scrubbing in between under running water Off camera I also sanded one last time up to 1200 grit and polished with cotton wheel and fine polishing compound. Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video! Suggestions and comments are welcome. Leave a like and share to anyone who might be interested! ★Patreon★ ★Website★ ★Follow me★ Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ►

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