S1 ep21. The robber of the diaper store the movie

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Trying to edit my life

Inside RCD and Waddler

As promised more diaper reviews

Emily's going crazy!!

Seung Ri Sounds Like an Old Man?! [My Little Old Boy Ep 78]

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Toddler Dental Cleaning And Poopy Diaper

Today was fun to see each Toddler Dental Cleaning And Poopy Diaper changed by daddy. You can see more of our videos at https://www.youtube.com/c/TheWilleyWay?sub_confirmation=1 We started the day off by playing with the kids in their toy car. They were pretending that they were going to the store and buying yummy food. Later Blake was washing his hair in the sink to get rid of his bed head hair and the kids were enjoying some suckers. Jia complimented Blake on his hairdressing skills with Jasmine. Jacksons sucker stick fell off. Later in the day the kids were playing outside with some buckets of water and Jackson poured his on Jasmine. She was soaking wet and she had pooped. Blake was grosed out by the poopy diaper but he changed it anyways. Then Jia talked about how well Jackson is doing at swimming lessons and that he also needs to improve his breath holding skills. They kids were playing in the bedroom and Jackson put Jasmine in her room for calling him names. Jia had them kiss and make up. The kids then showed Jia how well they could do their summersaults. In the afternoon we went and got the kids dental cleaning done. Jackson did such a great job and Jasmine did okay. She was more hesitant than Jackson. She didn't like the flavor of the cleaning paste. Blake thought Jasmine's dental cleaning experience was wild. After the kids finished the dental cleaning they got some tokens to get a toy. At the end of the day we went and got a pizza and went to the store for some groceries. If you enjoyed the video just like and subscribe and we will see you on the next video.

It took us a long time to clean this stuff out of Daniels room and think of are ideas

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