Drunken Gaming - NHL 2018 Be A Pro Part 1

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Fortnite SHQIP Live - Koha për Fitore t'reja !! *Shumë Fitore* - SHQIPGaming

Donato direkt ketu: https://goo.gl/xX56jo Shperndaje livestreamin Ketu - https://www.facebook.com/SHQIPGaming -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donacionet e Livestream-ave te fundit: Elfat Sejdi - 102 Euro Dritlind Elshani - 82$ Safet Utic - 60$ Elmedinn Snajperkka - 28 Euro Edin Halimi - 2150MKD Atdhe Rexhaj - 5$ Qendrim Gashi 5$ H1TL3R1 - 20 Johnn DeLorean - $5.00 Lorik Morina 5$ m1Lyy' - 400MKD Dakki - 4$ El Faraone 2 euro Enis Mcpe!!! - $2.00 Olondi - $2.00 ErionPlayer 3 - €0.99 Nealdii - £2.00 👽 SHQIPGaming - SHQIPGaming - Livestream ✘ Subscribe ketu: https://goo.gl/I5OwA8 ✘ Instagram: http://goo.gl/FSYP3o ✘ Instagrami Personal: https://goo.gl/bGJ5lV ✘ Twitter: https://goo.gl/D7aLVn ✘ GTA 5 Crew(Ekipa ne GTA 5): https://goo.gl/sijScJ ------------------------------------------------------------------- ✘ My PC: Kartela grafike: ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 OC Procesori: Intel i7-7700K RAM: 16.00 GB RAM OS: Windows 10 Pro ------------------------------------------------------------------- ✘ My Console & Capture Card Console: Playstation 4 Pro Capture Card: Elgato 4K60 Pro - (https://goo.gl/ZfUdQV) ------------------------------------------------------------------- ✘ My Gaming Chair E-Win Flash XL Series FLC-XL: (https://goo.gl/XiAhBN) ------------------------------------------------------------------- ✘ SHQIPGaming is an Albanian/Kosovar Gaming Channel. ✘ For business inquiries: shqipgaming.yt@gmail.com

Booze Reviews - Ep. 277 - Superflux and Brassneck - Superfluousness

Say that name five times fast.. I dare you to... go on.. I'll wait! This is a beer that recently came out of BC and HOLY CRAP IS IT CLOUDY! But how does it taste? Well check out the review to find out!

Booze Reviews - Ep. 281 - Dandy and Twin Sails Collab - My Boy Lollipop

Canned yesterday, drank today! This is a collab I have been waiting for so much that I was at Dandy at 10am in the morning today! This beer has got my attention and hopefully it will get yours too!

Drunken Gaming - NHL 2018 -Be A Pro - I Made it to the NHL

Booze, and Reviews... what else would you ask for in life? OK Maybe a lot of money too! Love to do collaborations with other You Tubers while drinking! Live Streams, Shorts, Booze by the BBQ's.. so much to drink and only one liver to do it on! Cheers!

Booze Reviews - Ep. 282 - Outcast Brewing - Neon Nightmare

Its back only this one is not part of your dreams! IT IS A NIGHTMARE, in .. a good way. Unless you missed out on this beer and you really like Outcasts beers then it is a nightmare that you missed it... why? Well watch and see why!

Booze, and Reviews... Here I share how bad I am at gaming

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