Convert Your Lawn by Sheet Mulching

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How to Sheet Mulch Your Garden

Creating a weedless garden in less than 7 minutes. Fun Green Guy shows you the whole process, from start to finish, of building a garden bed that preserves soil structure, prevents weeds, and is easy to maintain.

My Affordable Patio Project! DIY Pompeii Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Gazebo, and More!

One of my summer projects to my house before classes began! This was the largest project i have ever taken on! But it was a fun one. I got to develop a bunch of new skills in masonry which is always good! Im very pleased with the outcome!

SECRET LIQUID FERTILIZER | See What Happens When You Use This Organic Fertilizer

A cocktail secret liquid fertilizer as a foliar spray will instantly boost flowering and plant growth. This organic fertilizer recipe will not only make your plant grow faster, but also produces loads of flowering and fruiting. Also you will learn how to make compost tea and what is foliar spray in this video. Well, before I show you the actual recipe or the Formula for the making of our so called magic solution, you must know some Basic concepts. Please do not skip these 5 points am gonna discuss now. Will try to make it as short and as simple as possible, specially for beginners. Everything you see in the video are based on scientific concepts and research. The main advantage of this magic foliar spray is that its independent of your soil ph. Well, before I show you the actual recipe or the Formula for the making of our so called magic solution, you must know some Basic concepts. Please do not skip these 5 points am gonna discuss now. Will try to make it as short and as simple as possible, specially for beginners. 1. What do you mean by foliar Spray? Foliage means leaves! So the term foliar spray says it all. 2. Next Point is about Calcium and Its importance. 3. Next Point is about Magnesium and Its importance. 4. Soil PH concept: Video at 5. And last concept: Many Experts recommend applying egg shells andcalcium tablets to soil and some evenmake a smoothie juice or paste using all kitchen waste like banana peels, fruit peels and what not. This in perhaps unscientific according to me to directly apply to your plants. I don’t know! If you have any scientific explanation to this, please do write in the comment box. What I feel is why not utilize this idea of making this smoothie and keeping a dedicated heavy duty blender or mixer for this purpose for faster composting. Yes! if you are adding this paste to your compost bin and feeding your earth worms, this can accelerate composting process. Well, Now moving on to the Formula or the recipe of this Magic Fertilizer liquid. I will quickly list out the ingredients one by one and quickly explain the benefit of each of these components. PLEASE WATCH VIDEO FOR THE RECIPE (FORMULA). So you can utilize this concept if your plants are not performing well despite all your efforts, care, fertilizing, watering promptly and what not! Many viewers keep asking the same question. So why not make it a habit of alternating your feeds – that’s fertilizing your plants once in 15 days with foliar spray to feed your plants. Because this idea is independent of soil PH value. Please LIKE and Share your Thoughts and COMMENTS below. Also please SUBSCRIBE to our channel with Notification Bell "Turned On" to receive notifications on new additions and activity of our channel. Happy Gardening! RELATED VIDEOS: ALL GARDENING SECRETS VIDEOS: SECRETS TO BOOST FLOWERING: PERFECT SOIL PH: WOOD ASH AND SOIL PH: Acid Loving Plants: Free SUBSCRIBE TO Our Channel at: CLICK NOTIFICATION BELL TO "ON" TO RECEIVE UPDATES! Our Facebook Page: Our Twitter URL: Our Instagram Link: My Friends Channel - -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Garden Tips - Gardening Channel in English - Gardening Tips Hindi - CHECK OUR PLAYLISTS: Our Website: My Purchased Gardening Products: Join Our WhatsApp Group: Message to +918660487013 (No Calls - Message Only) if you want to Join our WhatsApp group called Gardening Family with experts and beginners. Please do not make a call or spam this number. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Garden Design - Using cheap local materials

Design your own beautiful home garden using reclaimed materials around you. Laying out a good structure is essential for a beautiful garden. Support the Channel: or Suburban Homestead S3ep13 Created by: Siloé Oliveira

Container Gardening|| She Grows Potatoes In Laundry Baskets!

My mom has a very beautiful container garden. This year she experimented with growing potatoes in laundry baskets. How did this experiment work out? Well... you'll just have to watch and see.... Follow us: blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Contact us: email: snail mail: P O Box 89 Pratt, Ks 67124 Artwork in our intro by Elf Lords Journeys. Check out his channel at ___ Would you like to help support us for free? By shopping through our Amazon affiliate link, no matter what you buy, we will earn a small commission which helps us to continue to fix up and expand our homestead. Products we like and use: Carey Smart Canner: Farberware Chef Knife: KitchenAid Mixer: VitaMix Blender: Magic Chef Ice Maker: __ For Milking: Stainless Steel Strainer: Milk Filters: Milking Pail: Half Gallon Canning Jars: Ball Wide Mouth Plastic Lids: Thank you for joining us on our journey. Several years ago our family moved back to a small homestead that's been in our family for many years. Our goal is to become as self sufficient as possible and get back to a simpler lifestyle. As we build our homestead, we're trying to fix up and use as much as we can from what my grandparents and great grandparents built. Not only does it save us time and money from having to build new from scratch, but there's just something special about being able to reuse something that was built by your grandparents back in the day. We just can't get ourselves to tear down anything if it has potential to be fixed up. We hope you'll enjoy following our journey as we work towards building our little homestead. We'll share videos on everything from caring for and raising animals, gardening, mistakes we've made and lessons learned, how-to tips, and what our day to day life is like. Be sure to subscribe to get our latest videos and follow us on

This slide show demonstrates how to remove your lawn using sheet mulching techniques. Learn more at

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