Convert Your Lawn by Sheet Mulching

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How to Sheet Mulch Your Garden

Creating a weedless garden in less than 7 minutes. Fun Green Guy shows you the whole process, from start to finish, of building a garden bed that preserves soil structure, prevents weeds, and is easy to maintain.

Best way to kill grass and weeds // Learning from Nature

There are easier ways to get rid of grass and weeds than pulling them out! Discover how to get rid of weeds for GOOD by improving your soil ( Get our FREE resources in your inbox every two weeks - Learning from Nature When Dr Wendy Seabrook, the founder of Learning from Nature, bought Hill Top Farm 10 years ago, she wanted to find an easier way to grow. “I had enough experience to understand the challenges of both growing food for my family and making a income using organic practices. I was intrigued by the interesting results innovative growers were getting from improving ecological functions in their farms and gardens. Here was a practical way to grow food. An approach that made growing easier, reduced costs, and allowed Nature back into farms and gardens again. As an Ecologist it seemed the logical way to go.”

No dig garden construction - workshop

This is the full video of the no dig garden construction workshop from 2009 that the previous quick video was made from. The video features Bob Jones and Myk Rushton You do not have to follow the video specifically, you can use different materials - just follow the general pattern of construction Visit the New Zealand no dig garden website or the if you wish to further discuss this or other techniques for a resilient future

Low Budget, Low Maintenance Landscaping

We had a limited budget and limited experience for a landscaping project on our 125-year-old house. We wanted it to be simple, low maintenance, and eco-friendly, without breaking the bank.

Sheet Mulching with Kay

This is a guide to the afterlife for corrugated cardboard boxes that yearn to break free from worldly concerns of the marketplace.

This slide show demonstrates how to remove your lawn using sheet mulching techniques. Learn more at

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