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Best Dash Cam Accidents Compilation #29 || JUNE 2017

Best Dash Accidents Compilation #29 from June, 2017. All Accidents are non-fatal. Video is for educational purposes only. Please remember to drive safely and take videos like this as a learning tool! INSTANT KARMA Best Of #1 || Dash Cam Compilation: Best Head-On Collisions #1 || Car Crash Compilation: UBER RAGE || Compilation of Uber Incidents: Please hit the LIKE button! Subscribe for more videos! Support the channel: Like us on Facebook: e-mail: If any of the materials used in this video belongs to you, please contact us IMMEDIATELY for further credits or removal.

Dangerous Situations at the Nürburgring - Bad Driving, Collisions and Unsafe Situations Nordschleife

This video represents some of the most common dangerous situations at the Nürburgring, like: - Standing at dangerous places on track - Overtaking on the wrong side (during TF) - Ignoring yellow flags - Debris on track Keep in mind that it is illegal to overtake on the right during Touristenfahrten. There is no trophy at the end of a TF lap, so there is no need for laprecord attemps. Always be aware about other (slower or less experienced) drivers around you. (Bikers, check your mirrors too!) If your car breaks down or if you crash, make sure to get behind the safety barrier as soon as possible. If it is not safe to get out of the car, stay in the car until the marshalls arrive. --- And as always, thank you very much for watching! You might also like these videos; ► The Story Behind: Dale Lomas (All your Nürburgring questions answered!): ► 1 HOUR MEGA Crash Compilation: [ f] Like us on Facebook! Do you like our videos? Why not support us, become a Patreon!

Car Crash) very Shock dash camera 2017 NEW By Top Speed Motor HD (27) HD

Car Crash) very Shock dash camera 2017 NEW By Top Speed Motor HD (27) HD

This is Rally 4 | The best scenes of Rallying (Pure sound)

The best scenes and drivers of rallying with crashes, high speeds, flat outs, on the limits, jumps and on boards Drivers in preview: Miki Pianosi and Ely Pensilfine Thanks to: julien ponthieu: jesper blomgren: DAVIDEO production: moreno giai: stephwrc: uispabruzzo: Lamtex ky: Jerome U: marcin grzelewski: Chmielewski Team: FIA ERC: Rally Australia: Gore Doses: DPChannel: rallye-Mag: waimunga: Jari Huttunen Racing TRCC Mario del Opario Don't miss! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Part 9: Group B On The Limits: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you see your clip in my compilation please write down in the "comment" section. I will insert your channel name and link in description Please Rate Comment and Subscribe! ;) Follow Me on: YouTube: Facebook: Video edit: Sony Vegas Pro 130 Copyright ©: SuperMirco1998© Mr. M©

Ultimate Crash, Action Arabian Drift Fails 2018 [HD] Compilation

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