FreeCAD Tutorial - Draft Workbench and Extrude to make Curved Shapes

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In this video I walk through the Draft Workbench and show a way to use it to create a sweep along a draft wire. NOTE: Make sure you read LoneTech's comment on double click selection

FreeCAD - Basics - Using Sketcher Workbench Drawing Tools

An Ad-Hoc Tutorial on the shape tools available in FreeCAD. From a newer users perspective.

But WHY is a sphere's surface area four times its shadow?

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How to Rotate any Curve by any Angle

Without Matrices! Try it out yourself:

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Use the Open Source, free cad software FreeCAD to create this 3d ribbon shape.

Using the Draft Workbench Users can create "nurbs" like surfaces. I used the draft workbench, the Face Tool and the Part Workbench to extrude to basic shape.

This particular object is not "nurbs" and there are advanced workbenchs that better handle difficult surfaces. But using just draft you can create some basic surfaces.

I had some fun creating this 3d ribbon in FreeCAD to help myself get more aquainted with the Draft workbench.

Getting familiar with the draft workbench can help to create 3d shapes that might otherwise be hard to achieve.

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